Every trip possible I visit my friend Darling. This trip I found her with a new baby girl. She had not decided on a name at the time. The most important thing was that she was healthy and Darling was doing ok. So many babies die in childbirth and so many mothers has horrible complications after the births.

We were able to bless Darling with new baby clothes, food and school uniforms for other two girls.

The poverty Darling lives in is unthinkable. Her family goes for days without food, they rarely drink clean water and struggle to stay healthy simply because of the conditions they live in.

When a family is excited about having shampoo for the first time in 6 months you realize just how blessed you are.

I have access opened a small store with one of my adopted kids in Nicaragua who will start taking food and supplies to her each month to just help out for the months I am not there. It is the kids I am concerned about more than anything. The affects poverty is having on them is hard to watch. Their teeth are so rotten they are had to look at. It is truly a very sad situation.