Video Available & A Reminder!!!

After many days of fighting with the video software I have finally been able to create and upload a small video for those of you who sponsored a child and even if you didn't check out the video to see the joy in this community. The weekend I was there it was pouring down the rain so I had very little time. I took pictures of all the kids receiving their uniforms and once I got home found that I had lost all of them some how. I can honestly say I felt sick when I realized I didn't have them. The video is all I have to show that I did in fact purchase and deliver the much needed uniforms.

In the video the leader of the community speaks of kids getting a bachelors degree. That means graduating from high school.  This year we should have 3 students who will graduate. It is their dream to go on to college. I will be addressing that need later this year.

I am also mailing to you pictures of the kids tomorrow. Some of them were not available on picture day so I'm sorry if you do not receive a picture of all your kids. If you do not receive an envelope soon please let me know. Everyone who sponsors will be getting one.

Please let me know if you have problems with viewing the video. You can find it here.

REMINDER to everyone who has sponsored a child the deadline for sending in your family pictures or cards is :

MARCH 16th

Please send your child something. They want so bad to have a connection to you. I should be seeing them the first week of April and I really would like to take all of them a letter. I will at that time have them send a letter back to you.

Thanks as always for your blessings and please continue to pray for this ministry.