Update on my trip to Haiti

Only 9 days left before I leave... I had my first team meeting today and found out a little more about what we will be doing and right now the specifics are yet to be defined but I know I will be doing many things outside of my normal mission trip. From moving blocks, to building things, to playing with children. What ever God wants done that is our plan.

Plans are being worked out now for our arrival. it sounds like we will be very very busy. We will be taking additional money with us to purchase food and more medical supplies to hand out in the local community we will be working in. We are so excited to be used by God in such a critical time.

Remember all those flip-flops I bought a long time ago. Well I still have some that I have yet to get to Nicaragua so of course I must take them now to Haiti. Who would have known...

We will be staying at an orphanage that holds 81 kids right now and so of course I have to take things to them. I think I have about half the stuffed animals for the girls and plenty of toy cars for the boys. If you have beanie baby style stuffed animals let me know. I'll be happy to take them with the ones I have. You can never have enough.

I am still in need of medical supplies. I'm the only one on my team that does not have a lot so come on folks hook me up and show these folks you got my back.. There's still time. :)

Today I had a conversation with a friend and shared with her how several years ago someone sent me $5 and a note saying how embarrassed she was that she could only give me $5. That following week I took over 100 tooth brushes to her house and dumped them in the floor. To her amazement she said wow, where did you get all those toothbrushes, I replied, I bought them on sale WITH THE $5 DOLLARS you gave me.

Her willingness to give as God led her to opened the door for me to use it to change the lives of 100 people. I find that so many say they want to help in times like these but don't because they think $5 is to little. I am here to tell you $1 is not too little. God can use any money you give for His glory. First you must be willing to be obedient and not feel embarrassed. Harris Teeter raised over $650,000 asking for $1 and $5 donations. As a group we can do great things.

Here is the list of medical supplies for you again in case you have not had a chance to purchase any and still want to:

  • Gauze – any size, but preferably 4X4
  • Dressings - sterile and unsterile
  • Neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment
  • Ace bandages (or anything specifically for wound care)
  • Ibuprofen
  • Oral rehydration salts
  • Tylenol or Motrin
    Multivitamins (children and adult)

  • Cough medications
  • Anti-diarrhea tablets
  • Alcohol pads
  • Band-Aids
  • Tape - all types
  • Thermometers
  • Tongue depressors

I will also add to this that medical gloves, and any children/infant medications, q-tips and cotton balls are also helpful items.

If you feel led to help me financially I would be grateful I still need a great deal before I leave.

If you have medical supplies to give me just call me or email me and I'll find a way to get them from you before next Tuesday.

Thanks to all who have given to me already. God will bless each of you abundantly more than my thank you's.


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