Tax Season

Each year those of us who work and pay Uncle Sam typically receive some type of tax check back each February or March. What do you do with it? For some families it's a large amount and for others it can be small.

I would think that for most of us it's a nice bonus to receive and is used for catching up on bills or a vacation or toward a new car or something along that line. In this economy there is always a place for it. It's never just FREE money we can waist. Although I do know many people who waist it.. :)

I am writing to challenge each of you who know me and know what God has done in this ministry over the years.

I rarely ask for money unless it is for a specific project. God has blessed me in many ways and provides for me and my family to go to Nicaragua without me having to ask for support. I continue to be amazed at what He does for us.

Times have changed and God has opened so many doors for me. As I wait patiently for him to provide each time it never seems to amaze me how He does it.

Over the summer I sold my jewelry at an event in Belmont and two women I had never met before sowed $100 each into my life. I just about lost it that day. I was so discouraged earlier that day. I had $1,00o's of dollars to raise and had not been very successful at it and along they came. God sent me two beautiful angels that day to show me He's got my back, He's in control.

I would like to ask each of you to pray about sowing into this ministry from your tax return as those two women did. If everyone on this list gave me $10 each I would have over a $1,000 to use in Nicaragua this coming year.

I am not asking for money to send me to Nicaragua. I work two jobs to help pay for that. I am asking you to invest in the Kingdom of God.

All money received will go directly to a project that will happen this year. I can't say specifically what that project will be today as I am in the planning stages now but it will be one that is directed to leading people closer to Jesus.

I receive no money from churches or organizations. All money I receive comes directly from people like you or through my jobs. Just think about all that you have read about this year that God has done on a shoe string budget. He is amazing..

Would you and your family pray about sowing into this ministry in 2011? I hope I have shown each of you that we are serious about what we do and we do not waist money on unnecessary things. All the money we raise goes directly to increasing the Kingdom of God.

If you feel led to invest in what God is doing you can send your tax deductible check to:

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC  28214

Thanks to all of you who have already invested into this ministry. I am working on tax receipts now and since my goal is to raise money and not spend it I am again only mailing out receipts to those who donated more than $250 ( the IRS requires a receipt for those individuals). If you donated less than that and would like a receipt you can use your canceled checks or I will be happy to email you one or mail one upon request. Just reply to this email and let me know to send it either by email or by mail.

Your support to this ministry is unbelievable.. I can't say thank you enough.

God Bless and let's see what God is going to do in 2011.


To see photos of all the different projects, check out my photos page on the website.