Stories to Tell Part 1

It's been almost two months since I went to Nicaragua and I have not told you about one of the most dramatic trips so far.  If this had been my first it would have been my last. It was that crazy. So lets start with the night before I leave. Typically every trip I go I get sick. Remember all the last minute sinus infections I get. Well this was no different. I was leaving on Thursday morning and this Wednesday night about 7 and out of now where I felt like my head was full of mud...Couldn't breathe, head hurting, coughing until my whole body was sore and too late to go to the doctor but that was not the kicker.

That evening at dinner I decided to burn some of my candles. One of which was sitting on our  stairwell ledge. I have burned these candles many times before for several hours but this night I truly feel the enemy was on the attack.

As Terry and I was sitting in the office doing last minute work stuff Logan comes running in the office saying, "the candle is on fire" to the top of his lungs. I laughed and said, "duh... of course it is" he said again, "No, it's really on fire". There is a glass window between the office and the kitchen and so I stood up and looked at the candles and sure enough one of them had flames shooting a foot high.

In a panic I told Terry to hurry the candle really was on fire and off we ran to the stairwell. The cinnamon candle was in a glass holder and apparently it got to hot and had caught itself on fire. Flames were getting higher and higher and about the time we got to it the fire alarm went off.

The fire was inside the glass holder and the entire wax was on fire and the flames were getting way to high, in a panic Terry said get some water. Trust me, NEVER pour water on hot wax that is in a GLASS holder.

I got a cup or so of water and came running. I poured the luke warm water on the first not thinking at all what I was doing and the glass holder shattered and exploded into the air when a ball of fire.  Now we have a much bigger problem.

Terry runs to get the fire extinguisher and I decided to just go ahead and pour more water on it which did in fact put the fire out, however, now I have RED hot wax running down the ledge and it is  now all over my carpet. Ever tried getting hot RED wax off a carpet and a wooden wall. Use a hair dryer. It works magic for the wall but not for the carpet.

Needless to say we were extremely lucky. If Logan had not smelled the wax burning we could have lost our house completely. If the glass had broke when we were out of the room there would have been no chance to put the fire out in time.

Praise God for a child who has a SUPER sense of smell.

Remember, I have not even left yet and this is the drama in my life.

More exciting stories  to come.