September Newsletter

Since I returned from Nicaragua in August things have been very busy in my personal life and quite in my communities life. The country of Nicaragua is still in a severe drought and I am working with Pastor Arturo to determine when is the best time to help them with food. I have been blessed by sponsors with additional funds to send him for food. Please continue to pray for these families who have lost all or almost all of their corn crops. Many people are out of work and beans are still very expensive. Not having beans in their diet means there is no protein. Eating only rice is good because they have food but not good for their strength. The men in the community that do have jobs work hard labor jobs so I can't imagine how tired they must feel at the end of the day.

Operation Education 2015 is starting off slow. I still have over 30 students who need sponsors. Would you be willing to share this program with your friends?  I have over 100 kids and thanks to the repeat sponsors I only have the remaining 32 to find sponsors for. The deadline is October 15th.  It will be here before we know it so any help you can give me to find sponsors would be greatly appreciated.

The cost to sponsor is only $35. This provides a full uniform including pants/skirts, shirt, socks, shoes, backpack and school supplies.

Do you attend a Sunday school class, prayer group or homeschool group? This is a great opportunity to get others involved in Missions.

To sponsor a child all you need to do is;

1. Select your child from the website.

2. Either pay online using your credit card or send me a check.  (If sending a check please email me with the name of the child as soon as possible so I can mark them sponsored)

God always provides and I know He has sponsors for these kids. Please lift them up in prayer as well as all the families in the community.

God Bless each of you,