Operation Education 2013

Can you believe how fast this year is going? I can't. It seems like only yesterday it was the beginning of the year. School has started here in the states which means the school year in Nicaragua is half way over. School starts around Valentines Day and ends on Black Friday for my kids in Ceibita.

During my August trip to Nicaragua i took my annual pictures of the kids and of a new community called Pala Grande. This year I have 102 kids who need a sponsor for school. Currently I have 55 who don't have anyone asking for them and last week I was blessed to get 26 of them sponsored during a week long camp meeting at my church.

For those of you who normally sponsor a child I have NOT posted your kids online. I am hoping will you want to sponsor again this year. If that is not the case, please let me know as soon as possible so I can add that child to the rest. I will email you personally to confirm or you can reply to this message letting me know of your plans.

For all of you who have never sponsored and would like to this is a great opportunity to show the love of Christ to families who have never experience His great love. The new kids in Pala Grande have never had an experience where total strangers just love on them.

I need to have these kids sponsored as soon as possible so I am setting the deadline to OCTOBER 15th. The prices are going up as we speak due to all the unrest in the world. Imports from other countries are costing more and more and those increases are passed onto the consumers.

This years price to sponsor is $35. This will include a new uniform, shoes, backpack and school supplies.

Can you imagine if your child never had the opportunity to learn how to read simply because they didn't have the RIGHT clothes to wear to school? It breaks my heart to think what life would be like if you could never read or write.

If you would like to sponsor a child please visit http://www.thepowerofoneministry.org/school/2013/

Once you have chosen a child you will need to email me that child's name at angie@thepowerofoneministry.org

In prior years you have sent your payment directly to The Power Of One Ministry. This year I will need you to do something different. Let me explain why.

Two weeks ago I received a letter from the IRS informing me that they have revoked my non-profit status temporarily. Apparently, I was suppose to submit a form that I didn't send in. My accountant was not aware of this form and neither was I. I now have to pay an $850 fine and it can take up to 90 days to correct it. Once it is submitted they will reinstate my status and all will be ok but until then I have to use another ministry  to accept any donations for those who want a tax deduction. Please follow these steps if you want to sponsor.

1. Pick out your child and send me an email with the child/children's names first.

2. Make your check payable to Ambassadors To The Nations (this is where I work and my boss has agreed to give you a tax deduction. If you do not care about the deduction you can send your check in my ministry name  but in order to get the tax deduction you MUST have Ambassadors name on the check.

3. Mail it to: The Power of One Ministry - 198 Mellwood Drive - Charlotte, NC 28214

I am sorry for any confusion this may cause and I hope that it will not change your mind. The enemy would love for me to lose supporters over this mess. I promise I have not done anything illegal. It was an honest mistake and will be corrected soon. Pray for the money to come in to pay the fine. That is all that is holding me up.

I am looking forward to seeing God's hand at work and His blessings to fall on all these children.

Thanks again for your support and God Bless ALL of you.