November 2014 Newsletter

The Dictionary describes Excited as: very enthusiastic and eager.

synonyms: thrilled, exhilarated, animated, enlivened, electrified;

enraptured, intoxicated, feverishadrenalizedenthusiastic;

informalhigh, high as a kite, fired up, aflutter, psyched

None of these words describe how I feel about my upcoming trip to Nicaragua. I'm not sure there is a word that can describe it.

As of today we have 10 couples who will be getting married. 10 families lives will be changed that day. Children will get the opportunity to see their dads do what is right by their mom's. What a great example they are showing their kids. Most of the men who are getting married are a part of the recent salvation's I have seen in the community. I am so excited to see fruits of our labor in this community. Two of the couples are very special to me so that makes it even more exciting.

We are planning a beautiful wedding. We will be making wedding veils for the brides, providing silk wedding bouquets, there will be at least 10 wedding cakes and much more. It will be beautiful.

There is still time for you to get involved in this if God is tugging your heart. The final budget has not been given to me yet but I know for sure it is going to run around $700 which will include the marriage licensees for each couple.  If you feel led to contribute to this need just let me know.

In addition to the wedding we are going to have a celebration for the upcoming graduates. I will be able to see them graduate for the first time. There will be two promotions that day. The first one will be for the kids moving into high school and the second one will be for those finishing.

If you are aware that one of your kids is graduating and you would like to bless them with something special please let me know. It is my plan to buy a God's Promises Book for each student.

I have good news about Pastor Arturo's son. He is out of the hospital now and doctors say he will make a full recovery. This says a lot about prayer when he was on the brink of death. He was on a ventilator the last time I wrote about him. God is great and He is faithful.

If you plan on sending a letter/card to your child I will need it by December 3rd. Remember to send it in Spanish if at all possible.  If you would like to bless your child's family for Christmas you can send me any dollar amount you desire by December 3rd also. Please let me know if you want your families to receive the full amount or if you want the money to go toward a large bag of food for them. I can feed a family of 4 for around $20 for 45 days.

If you do not currently sponsor a child and would like to contribute to the wedding or toward food for the community that would be a blessing.

I see so much fruit from this community right now that I am going with great expectations. Please be in prayer for our team as we prepare to minister to these people. There are still over 100 people who still need Jesus. I hope to encourage them with the Word especially after the death of the young man recently.

As always thanks so much for all the prayers and support. They are both of great importance to me. Together we are adding to the kingdom one person at a time.

God Bless,


Angie Honeycutt

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC  28214