New Projects for December Trip

It seems like I never stop right..? Well I don't. :) God is always giving me ideas to work on for my next trip.

I will be going in December to get the kids ready for school and to meet a new ministry that God has introduced me to as well as if all goes as planned I will be hosting a wedding for 20 - 30 couples. Yes a wedding.. I'm so excited as he is putting it all together. I do not feel it is right to lead people to the Lord but allow them to live in sin. It cost about $30 per couple to get married so Nicaraguans choose to live together since they can not afford the fees. To them it is ok, it is their customs and traditions. I tell them it's not God's way so let's have a wedding and make it legal.

I'll have more details coming.

I will be collecting the following items: Please keep me in mind if you have any of these things.

Mens white dress shirts, - size M and L Mens dress pants - sizes 32x30 and 34x30 (maybe some 32 long also) Women's white or cream short sleeve shirts -All sizes, S - XL -  something nice like what would be worn with a dress jacket for church. (The women all wear skirts so the shirt would need to be appropriate to wear with it.)

I'll need all these items by mid November so please keep me in mind if you have any. This is a special event so I do not want any clothes that look worn please.

Additional items I am currently collecting. (New & Used) Used must be slightly worn.

Girls knee high socks - sizes for  age 5 - Adult - prefer to be the thinner kid, no athletic type socks Boys black or white socks - sizes for age 5 - Adult - ankle to knee high, church style socks, cotton is fine, no no-show socks please.

If you see these type socks on sale please let me know. I need 44 pairs for the boys and 41 pairs for the girls. Any help you can offer would be great.

If anyone is interested in joining me for the December trip please let me know soon. I have several people that are praying about going and would love to include you.

As you see I have a lot planned and need a lot of things. I am so amazed by how God provides for each of these trips. These are his ideas not mine. I am not a wedding person, but through Him I can do all things..

Please pray for me as I plan these events and raise money for all the kids that need a sponsor. If you have not had time to check out the kids please do by clicking here. If you can't sponsor one, pray for one.. Pray others will step up and be a blessing to these wonderful kids.

Thanks so much for being a part of this great adventure God has me on.


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