My Buddy Oscar

We meet little Oscar in July, 07. He was the littel boy I asked everyone to pray for because he was on his death bed.

He has lost one kidney and was in the process of losing another. We were told that if Oscar did not get dialysis he would soon die. We did the only thing we knew to do. PRAY.

God heard our prayers and the prayers of many of you and in December when we went to see him we found him, happy, healthy, running around and riding his bike.

Just the day before this visit his doctor told his mom not only did Oscar not need dialysis but he was no longer anemic and did not need to return to the hospital for his bi-weekly visits.

Dr. Anderson the doctor who introduced us to him told us this was a miracle. There is no explanation for how his kidney could heal itself. Once you get to the levels of needing dialysis there is no return. Obvious our healer had a bigger plan.

Praise God.. He is our Healer and our Miracle Worker.

Click here to see Oscar now.