Hope for the Hopeless...

I had the pleasure of going to a Chris Tomlin concert on Thursday (Thanks again Karen..) and in one of his songs he sings about God giving Hope to the Hopeless. It says.. You're the Light in this darkness You're the Hope to the hopeless You're the Peace to the restless You are

There is no one like our God

I have found this statement to be so true in my life lately and I pray He is that to you also.

Hardly any of us here in the US know what it is to truly be Hopeless. We have so many opportunities to succeed. All we have to do is ask in most cases and there is some organization or some government office that will step in and help. (In most cases that is).

For my friends in Coffradia that is not the case at all. They have no options. No churches to lean on for help when things are tight, no United Way or Red Cross to step in when their homes are flooded out by the heaving rains and most importantly no Food Banks to help feed their hungry kids.

Sponsorships for the families are very low and I do understand why but then again I don't.

Here we are the month of April when for a Christian the time is most celebrated. Next Sunday we'll put on our new clothes, new shoes and go to church. We'll give our kids those precious new Easter baskets full of toys and candy and we'll remember that on that die Christ died for us so that we will HAVE eternal life and the blessings that come with that.

I do not want to offend anyone here by stating this but do you really think God wants us to commercialize the day Christ was risen? The world has turned Easter into nothing more than an big Pink Bunny...and we as Christians have bought into it. We spent lots of money on those new clothes and baskets when Jesus says come as you are..

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with buying new clothes when they are needed. I will have to buy my own sons new shirts soon and they will most likely wear them to church but I won't buy them just because it's Easter.

What is Easter really all about? What are we teaching our children Easter is? Most kids only think it's time for the Easter Bunny to come and bring them candy. It is so much more than that.

It's a time to be thankful and give honor to the Lord. It's a time to share our faith with others and teach them what Easter really is all about.

I heard someone today on the TV say they won't be going to church this year at Easter because they can't afford new clothes.. How sad... How sad it is we have made the lost feel unwelcomed on Easter because they don't have money for new clothes.

So what does this have to do with Coffradia and the gardens. A Lot..

Instead of going shopping for new Easter clothes and a new Basket for the kids, have your kids count the change in the penny jar and roll it up and sponsor a family who needs the materials to be able to grow food that they will eat. It's only $22 for seeds and fertilizers.

What better way to show them who Jesus really is than to show them His greatest commandment. Love one another, as Christ loves you.

Just something to consider.

Please forgive me if it offends you, I promise the intent is only to challenge you to look at things a different way.


New plants growing in the second round of gardens. dsc01428