Help a child to learn the Word of God...

Just a reminder I am still in need of sponsors for the students in my two communities. I hope to be able to go in December and take them on their first shopping for School Clothes trip. If not I have someone there who will take care of it for me. Of course I want the pleasure of seeing their faces light up when they get to purchase a new pair of shoes, uniform, backpack and supplies.

Check out the students still available here.

I want to make sure they are all sponsored by the 15th of November. That's only 12.50 this month and 12.50 next month if you are budgeting for this.

If you can't sponsor a child maybe you can just help with a child's supplies. I am collecting the following items:

Pencils Erasers Colored Pencils Sharpeners Money for note books. (.25 cents a child)

I would like these items before I leave the first week of December. Call me or email me and I'll make arrangements to pick them up from you.

Thanks so those of you who have already sponsored a child. Your family will be richly blessed for your blessings to these kids.

This is more than just sending them to school. You will be giving them a chance to READ the word of God. The more they learn in school the more they learn about Jesus and it does not just affect the child it affects the entire family.

Again, thanks to all of you for your prayers and help. Together you, me and God are doing great things in the Kingdom of God.


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