New Website and New Changes

It's been a long time since you have heard from me and I'm extremely sorry for that.

I have had an issue with my website vendor so I had to redo it along with working full time and life it has taken way more time than planned to update all of you. If you have sent me an email and I didn't respond, please forgive me. It is very possible I never received it. If that ever happens again, just call me, that way I will know there is an issue. Sadly, the website was having issues for a while and I didn't even know there was a problem until someone told me.

I have still been very active with my community. I visited my community in March and in August. It was awesome to see all the families and the kids. Everyone is doing as good as they can.

I would ask that you pray for the community and my involvement with them going forward.

In March the Lord showed me there were issues going on that I needed to investigate and in August I addressed those concerns with the entire community and made some really hard decisions.

I informed the community that there will be changes going forward in the amount of time I spend there.  I have worked in this community for a long time and the Lord has showed me for a few visits now that my seeds were being sowed on rocky ground and I needed to find more fertile soil. I shared this with everyone and cleared up some rumors that people were choosing to share about why I had backed off from the community.

I left with lots of tears and lots of hugs and and a clear understanding of the changes going forward. Here are a list of the key things that are going to change.

  1. Those on my list will stay for know but no new kids will be added going forward.
  2. Those students in college will continue to be sponsored but I will not be advertising for other students going forward. If a current sponsor wants to help their student go to college I will see they get that support.
  3. I will only visit the community for 1-2 days each trip instead of my normal week.
  4. I won't be providing bags of food for every family, only families that have a sponsor send money for food will get one.
  5. I won't be bringing extra items to them like the past. No clothes, shoes, household items, etc.
  6. I won't be working with Pastor Arturo going forward. He will continue preaching in the church but I will no longer utilize his assistance. My team members who live in Somotillo will support me going forward.

This was a really hard decision to make but I feel certain this is God's plan for this community for now. I met with them and dealt with gossip, explained why I was changing things and prayed with all of them. I explain that God has been showing me that I was sowing into rocky soil for some time and now it was time to find fertile soil. I left that day with lots of tears flowing and many hugs given out but an assurance to them that I would be back just not as often.

I visited several new communities while I was there and I'm excited about seeing God's new plans for the coming trips. I know he has great plans and being a part of that makes it exciting.

It is that time of year again to kick off Operation Education 2017.

I have 19 kids who need a sponsor at this moment. Is this the year for you to sponsor a student? $35 sends a student to school for the upcoming year. School runs from February - December. If you have sponsored this past year and your students are not returning these are the kids you can choose from.

If you have sponsored this past year and have not told me you want to re-sponsor, your kids would have been listed on the website for others to sponsor.

To pay for the re-sponsor you can either send in a check to my address, pay online or send me a PayPal payment. My new website does not use PayPal as in the past but I can still accept any payments sent to me from your PayPal account if you send them to the email address this post came from. To pay online just access the Sponsor page on my website or by clicking here.

I am currently recruiting people to go with me on my December trip. It is the best time of the year to go. Weather is nice, kids are out of school, school graduations are happening. It's a great time to see all God has accomplished for the year. As of now my plans are to go sometime around December 7th. Please send me a message if you would consider going on an upcoming trip.

Thanks in advance for your patience with me and now that God has great plans on the horizon and I'm exciting to return to new communities that we visited in August to see what He has in store for us.

Blessings to All,

Angie & Terry

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