Since 2004 I have ad a group of little girls who have become my expended family. The orphanage I worked at had 17 little girls that I came obsessed with as most of you know already. Can you believe I have been talking about them for this long. Wow. Time flys.

In 2008 the House of Rose Orphanage closed and my 17 girls were slit up and sent to new homes. Some returned to families, 3 were adopted, 5 were placed in a new orphanage. By February of 2009 I had found all of them  except one who moved to Guatemala with her new adoptive family. Oh how I would love to see her again.

The 5 that were moved to a new orphanage are still in my life. I have seen them every trip I have taken to Nicaragua and they have become as much a part of my heart as any of my blood relatives. I actually see them a who lot more. :)

It has come to a time in their lives where changes are being made and my 5 original kids will also return back to their families soon. Please pray for their protection and well being.

During my August trip we were able to hang out with the kids and play, dance and laugh until our hearts content.

One of my sponsors blessed me with some toys so of course I blessed my kids.

They live on a very tight budget so anything extra for the kids is a huge blessing to the orphanage.

Here are pictures of our fun time together.