Happy Thanksgiving..

I have so much to be thankful this year that I can't even keep track of it all.  I wanted to share just a few of the highlights from this year that through our prayers and support I got to be a part of in this ministry. 1. The Honeycutt family had their first Thanksgiving with their new daughter Francis and today we will carry on that tradition again. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve you and bless your child with a family.

2. Thank you Lord for allowing me to see that in this day and time you are still our greatest physician. Thank you for your healing power. Thank you for allowing my team in March/April see a little girl get healed right before our eyes. Thank you for allowing my team and I to be at that moment in that hospital to do your will and pray for that little girl. It has truly caused my faith to grow and my trust in you to be stronger.

3. Thank you for the many financial blessings  given to me by tons of different people for the purpose of building one of my dearest friends Antonio from Nicaragua and his family a new house.  Antonio has been a faithful servant and his dream is days away from coming true. He and his family will be moving into their new 4 room home and no longer will they have to be rained on.  Bless all the givers with an overflowing abundance of finances. Give them a 100 fold return on their investment into the kingdom.

4. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers concerning my mom. For the past 23 years my mom has lived in a house with no heat. Every winter she gets Pneumonia and every winter ice freezes on the inside of her windows. Not this year!!!  As of this past February she moved into her first home and this month she is enjoying warm heat. Thank you Lord for the government assistance she received.  Thank you for allowing my mom to be the owner of a new home. Thank you for your faithfulness in hearing our prayers.

5. Thank you Lord for the 102 kids who attended school this year and will be attending again  in February. Bless all the sponsors who gave unselfishly to these kids. Bless them in a special way so they'll know it was their wiliness to give that changed the  life for their child.

6. Thank you Lord for all the toys, shoes, clothes, food and love I was given the opportunity to give to the families in Nicaragua. Thank you for putting your love for this country in my heart and providing the resources for me to be a part of something so amazing.

7. Thank you Lord for all the people who have prayed for me this year and for those who have sowed into this ministry. They are all amazing individuals and are highly favored by you. Continue to bless them in more way than they can imagine. Without them I could not do this. Help them to see and know that what they do to help me is appreciated more than words can every say.

This list could go on and on but for now I will end by saying I am so grateful and thankful for all you. You have allowed me to be used by God and many lives have been affected.  God Bless all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Honeycutt Family

Are you convicted about this?

I am.. I will admit that the Lord convicted me today about this and if it brings conviction to you please pray for me and I'll pray for you that we will change our habits. Did you know that in 2009 the average person spent 4 hours and 40 minutes on Facebook a month but in 2010 the figure has risen to 6 hours.

Facebook has almost reached 1 billion users. Take 1 Billion people x 6 hours / 365 days divided by 24 hours and every hour there are 684931 people on Facebook.

685,000 people per hour per day telling the world about their private lives, playing Farmville and Lord only knows what else..

Can you imagine if all those people spent just one hour of the 6 they spend on Facebook reading the Word of God or praying faithfully what could happen to this world?

I honestly don't know how long I spend on Facebook but from now on I am going to pay attention to it and make sure that my time talking to God is longer than my time reading about every body else's lives.

How about you? Are you willing to examine your time and see if God is first over Facebook or any of the other social networking applications?

On a positive note about Facebook I can say that I pray more for other people than ever before. When I see a friend asking for prayer I stop and pray at that moment so in turn the enemy is using it to consume peoples time but if used correctly it will back fire on him and more people will be prayed for than ever before.

I think the bottom line for me is conviction to examine my time daily. Not just Facebook but all things. How much time is God getting compared to other things/

Let this be a conviction to you to examine your life and make changes if needed or to simply increase your time with God each and every day.

Be blessed and challenged today.

He made you just to fellowship with you not to watch you fellowship with everyone else..


Stories to Tell Part 1

It's been almost two months since I went to Nicaragua and I have not told you about one of the most dramatic trips so far.  If this had been my first it would have been my last. It was that crazy. So lets start with the night before I leave. Typically every trip I go I get sick. Remember all the last minute sinus infections I get. Well this was no different. I was leaving on Thursday morning and this Wednesday night about 7 and out of now where I felt like my head was full of mud...Couldn't breathe, head hurting, coughing until my whole body was sore and too late to go to the doctor but that was not the kicker.

That evening at dinner I decided to burn some of my candles. One of which was sitting on our  stairwell ledge. I have burned these candles many times before for several hours but this night I truly feel the enemy was on the attack.

As Terry and I was sitting in the office doing last minute work stuff Logan comes running in the office saying, "the candle is on fire" to the top of his lungs. I laughed and said, "duh... of course it is" he said again, "No, it's really on fire". There is a glass window between the office and the kitchen and so I stood up and looked at the candles and sure enough one of them had flames shooting a foot high.

In a panic I told Terry to hurry the candle really was on fire and off we ran to the stairwell. The cinnamon candle was in a glass holder and apparently it got to hot and had caught itself on fire. Flames were getting higher and higher and about the time we got to it the fire alarm went off.

The fire was inside the glass holder and the entire wax was on fire and the flames were getting way to high, in a panic Terry said get some water. Trust me, NEVER pour water on hot wax that is in a GLASS holder.

I got a cup or so of water and came running. I poured the luke warm water on the first not thinking at all what I was doing and the glass holder shattered and exploded into the air when a ball of fire.  Now we have a much bigger problem.

Terry runs to get the fire extinguisher and I decided to just go ahead and pour more water on it which did in fact put the fire out, however, now I have RED hot wax running down the ledge and it is  now all over my carpet. Ever tried getting hot RED wax off a carpet and a wooden wall. Use a hair dryer. It works magic for the wall but not for the carpet.

Needless to say we were extremely lucky. If Logan had not smelled the wax burning we could have lost our house completely. If the glass had broke when we were out of the room there would have been no chance to put the fire out in time.

Praise God for a child who has a SUPER sense of smell.

Remember, I have not even left yet and this is the drama in my life.

More exciting stories  to come.


Update on Logan's Appointment

Sorry I have not sent this before now. Came home and had to process it all and decide how I felt about it all. Ok here is what we now know.

Logan has Macular Degeneration which is very well known and common in elderly people. It is the most common eye diseases around. At this time there are no cures for this disease and very little that can be done to help out. Glasses don't help and there are no surgeries.

The doctor had a machine in his office that not even Duke University has and was able to see Logan's entire eye and saw no other issues . He told us that Logan will never go blind which is not what we have been told before. Praise God for that.

He also worked with Logan and fit him for a special pair of lenses. They are telescopic and will give him the ability to drive a car. He went from 20/200 in both eyes to 20/50. A huge difference. Why am I not shouting to the roof tops?

The problem is these are not regular glasses. They are Star Wars looking and for a 13 year old in school they are just not an option. He was so upset when he found out the only way he will ever be able to drive is with these glasses. I think he got excited when the doctor gave him different ones to test and he could see many things for the first time and then showed him the actual ones. BIG difference. They would remind you of the glasses surgeons use in surgery. They have a part that comes off the lenses and sticks out about 1/4 of an inch. They are not the most practical set of glasses.

Logan is 13 and soon will be 14. If he ever wants to take Drivers Ed. he will have no other choose but wear them. We will let him make that decision.

The biggest thing we left with was HOPE. There are trials being run for a cure to this disease. Doctors feel in 5 to 8 years it will be approved for humans and is a complete cure. That is amazing. For 13 years I was told there is nothing that will ever be done for Logan and now I hear in 5 or so years he could be cured completely.

This is a big deal to me. He will just graduate high school at that time and be ready for his first year of college or so. We are going to pray it gets done faster and be just in time for him.

Overall we had a great visit. No immediate changes. No difference in his life today but HOPE for tomorrow.

He is not too exited right now. Pressure at this age is hard so we will let him decide when or if he wants to get the glasses to drive. They would help in many other areas but for now he is fine living the way he is. Pray he has a change of heart. They would really help him a lot.

Thanks for all your prayers. God is working on Logan's behalf and I trust him TOTALLY. I know he has a plan for Logan and we will watch that plan take place with or without telescopic lenses.

God Bless,


My crazy dream..

Last night I had a very odd dream. One that has made me think, could it be real? Here's how it went. (Keep in mind this dream was based on the time frame of today) In the dream I had posted a comment on my Facebook page that I was headed to Nicaragua again and needed support from anyone who could help.

I soon got a response back from someone that said to me:

"Girl, you must really hate your husband, you're gone all the time." I'd love to help you but I don't believe in giving to help people get a divorce and anyway I can't afford to help myself much less help anyone body else. The cost of feeding my habits is going up every day, if you know what I mean."

Then a second response came that said, "Haven't you gone enough to that place, it sure seems like you are going on vacation a lot lately, didn't you just get back from Haiti".

Then a third response came that said, "Angie, I really think you are just asking way to much of your friends. You know in this day and time we can't just keep giving you money and you just keep asking all the time, don't you think you should let somebody else go?"

The fourth message read, Angie, I really appreciate what you do in Nicaragua but I can't afford to send myself on vacation much less you so please just stop asking for support, it makes me feel bad when I see it.

Many many more comments just like these came in.

Needless to say in my dream I was devastated. How could anyone think I was going to Nicaragua because I hate my husband and how could anyone who truly knows what I am doing feel that way.

These comments led to a great depression in my spirit and a feeling of rejection like no other.

In my dream I called everyone in Nicaragua that I work with and canceled all the meetings that were scheduled and told them I would never come back because people were accusing me of things that were not true and no one was helping me do anything so if I had no support I could not come and do what needed to be done.

The church I work with was devastated, the community of Ceibita was heartbroken and all the children cried. (It was so sad in my dream..)

I woke up in the middle of it and jumped up in bed, it took me 5 minutes to figure out if it was a dream or real. I began to cry, actually sob thinking oh my gosh, am I never going to work in Nicaragua again?

Once I calmed myself down and realized it was just a dream I started thinking about the comments. You know how the devil will play with youy mind and tell you things. Well for an hour I laid and thought about the comments. Do people really feel that way? Do they really know what I do there? Do they understand the lives that are being changed and impacted for Christ? Do they know how many people have accepted Christ? Do they even care?

Many thoughts went through my head during that time and some still do. I know it was just a dream (a nightmare to me) but it did make me think about things and what it did was make me see I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing.

Yes I just went to Haiti and I ask for support and yes I am going again to Nicaragua on the 25th and I am asking again for anyone who can support this trip to please help me do so. I can't do this without support, I wished I could but I can't.

So for those who might think those crazy things that was in my dream know that I love my husband with all my heart and we are NOT getting a divorce and these trips are NOT a vacation from anyone. It is very hard work, long long days and nights of work in a very hot country and emotionally draining beyond what I can explain. No idiot would do this all the time if it was not of God.

I don't just go there to hang out with friends. I go there to encourage the families whose children went hungry today or whose house is falling apart and it's raining on everything they have or the single mom who has no idea how she is going to get her child who is burning up with fever a $2 antibiotic. I go because God tells me to Go and He always has a plan for me when I get there.

This trip I will be meeting with several businesses to learn how to set up a business for Ceibita. The men of this community have come to me with a proposal asking to receive help in starting a business to make tile for their roofs. They felt it was best to start the business so they can help the entire communities housees and then sell them to other communities. There  are no tile companies close by and they live on a main road. Looks like they have done their homework. The coolest part is they didn't ask for me to fix their houses, they asked me to help them earn an income and fix them their selves. This is huge breakthrough. Nicaraguans tend to just ask and ask for help but they want you to do all the work and give them the benefits. This community has learned how to ask God's way. I'd like to mention these men are not Christians but their wives are. I see this as a way to reach those men. A way to bring them to knowing the truth of God's love.

So yes I am going again, this trip was planned in December and yes it takes support to get there. I walk by faith that God will provide every time and for 19 times now he has . This will be my 20th trip to Nicaragua. It is a dream come true to serve God in this way.

I am encourage by my dream. I know the enemy would like for me to give up and stop but I can't until God says I can.

If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in Nicaragua and not have the attitudes of those who wrote on my Facebook, please do so.

We all can make a difference. If everyone on this distribution list gave me only $5 it would pay for my plane ticket or pay to start the business in Ceibita or something else. Every dollar counts and Every dollar adds up.

The last trip I went on, one of you, said to me they were so sorry they could not give me more than $5. Never be ashamed of giving. God says give as you have and let him do the rest. Trust him with your money. Trust him to use it as He desires. Never ever feel you can't support something because you can't give large amounts. That's the way the enemy keeps you from giving at all.

Please pray for me as I plan on going and while I am there. Pray God opens the doors that I need to walk through to help this community better themselves and in the same time find His love.

I seldom get any responses back from these emails so I hope that known of you feel the way the people in my dream did. If you do feel free to ask me to remove you from this list, I'll be happy to.

Thanks to everyone on this list that has sewed into my life. You have allowed God to use your finances in a mighty way. When you get to heaven you will see the lives you impacted and never even got on the plane. Know that every prayer you send up on my behalf, every dollar you sew, every word of encouragement you give, HE knows and will reward you for.

If you would like to sew into this ministry please know I use every penny for ministry things. I put every paycheck from my part-time job directly into it. I am invested into this ministry, I don't just want you to be.

The most important thing you can do for me is PRAY. Prayer makes things happen. Prayer puts me on God's to-do list and the more people prayer the higher up the list I go.

My friend Ashley shared this quote with me and I love it. "Relationships are the wings the Gospel flies on", that's what I'm doing in Nicaragua. Building Relationships.

God Bless,


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