Operation Education Shoe Drive - Reminder

Haven't had a very big response so far so I'm sending this again in case you didn't see it the first time. Last December I sit down with the families in Ceibita and ask how I could pray for them. What were their every day struggles and desires.

Food, clothes and employment were the top three. Sounds like the US doesn't it.

I asked the kids how I could pray for them specifically and one little boy asked if I would pray for shoes. (Ms. Wanda, it was your little Eric that ask me).

Shoes? I found that to be an odd request so I asked "Why shoes, Eric?", he replied, every year in September all the kids who make good grades get to walk in the Independence Day parade but I never get to.. I proceeded to ask why and he informed me that all students have to have new shoes and a new uniform to participate and receive a sash to wear.

Of all the things a little boy could ask for... Toys, Candy and Money would have been what my kids would have asked for what about yours?

I told the parents that I would make them a deal and that if they would set aside enough money for the uniform I would help buy the new pair of shoes.

I'm sending out this request especially to all those who already sponsor a child asking if you would participate in the "Operation Education Shoe Drive".

The cost would be $15 per child. This would allow me to purchase a new pair for them and maybe a pair of new socks.

Even if you don't sponsor a child you can participate because not all sponsors will donate to this cause.

I need the money no later than JULY 15.

Please mail your check to me and mark the subject line, "Shoes". If you want to pay by Pal Pal you can but remember I don't receive all the money so add a little extra please. You can pay by going to the Donations Page.

If you can't afford the entire $15 and want to help bless a child please don't hesitate to send what you can.

This community is being blessed and loved through the Love of Christ that's in each of you.

Thanks in advance,


The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214

Matthew 25:40

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Operation Education Needs Sponsors

I still have 39 kids that need a sponsor. If you have not let me know already that you want to sponsor can you please do so as soon as possible.

If you have told me and you have not sent in your payment of $30 please send it as soon as you can.

The deadline is October 25th but it looks like Terry may be coming on the 24th and I would need all the money possible by then.

Thanks to all those who have already sponsored a child. It is very important to these kids and they do not take it for granted. Every child is required to pray each morning before class starts for their sponsors and they have their sponsors name on theirs notebooks as a reminder of the blessings they have.

Also they have ask that they receive a picture of each family and a letter so in March when I come I will want to get that from everyone. I will let you know after the first of the year.

Please forward this email to all your friends and if you are on Facebook share my link with others.

The link to see the kids is www.thepowerofoneministry.org/school/2012/index.htm

Thanks so much,


ps. As for Francis and I (she has decided to leave her name as it was given to her) we are waiting on the council to vote on us and then we go to the judge. We are hoping to be home by the first of November.

Never Ending Journey - Part 12

Wow, Part 12.... wonder when it will end.. ;) Yesterday finally the DSS people came to interview us. I know God's timing is perfect and I saw it yesterday.

They interviewed Francis first and I could her here telling them "Please let me go home, I miss my dad very much and I need to go and see him".  That's a good sign for them, when she asks on her own without any questions to her they know she is ready.

They told me that they felt all was well with us and they probably would not be back again. I'm suppose to have 4 visits and they are only giving me 1  that's a huge blessing from God.

My lawyer will now petition the Director to send my case to the Council that votes on the approval for us to adopt Francis at the next meeting which is in two weeks. Once we get that approval she will then schedule an appointment with a judge and then a few days after seeing the judge I will get to come home. Terry will have to come here also which makes things ruff for our kids.

That sounds so easy right.. Well as you see nothing is easy in Nicaragua and nothing goes as planned so please start praying it goes faster than we can plan...

Francis has decided she wants to change her name so going forward I will start calling her Hannah Grace. She decided on her own and with great hesitation I am going to allow it.

Please continue to pray for my family as we are coming to an end of this journey a new one will begin. Hannah will have to live with 3 new brothers in a country that is only English speaking and go to a school that is only English. This will cause many fears and many days of frustration for her. Everything will be new. Especially flying on a plane which she is already concerned about. Pray against that fear.

Please pray for direction for Terry and I. As I have mentioned before we believe this is a call on our lives and we have been obedient to His call. It has not been easy and it has been a huge sacrifice but if it was easy then everyone would do it right? We have major decisions to make soon. We have not raised enough money to pay all the necessary final payments and we do not believe we are to go in debt to do so. I trust the Lord and we trust this is a ministry we have been called to do so we expect Him to provide but time is running out. God is always on-time but the wait is ruff. I know He is teaching us everyday how to rest in Him.

If anyone is interested in sowing into the life of Hannah Grace we would be grateful. Several have and I can't say thanks enough. Terry and I are humbled by what we have seen God do so far and give Him all the Glory because no one else but Him could pull this off.

If you want to bless us you can send it to your church and they will send you a tax receipt. Every dollar helps no matter how small or how large. We still need to raise at least $4,000. Actually more but that is the largest bill that has to be paid so I can get out of the country.

We have trust God this entire time and we won't stop now. Please pray with us that we will walk in PEACE knowing HE is in control and HE has a plan.

Hannah will come home and need all new clothes and a new bedroom so if anyone has size 8 clothes and size 2 shoes  that they want to pass down we will take them.

Thanks again for being a part of this journey.

Angie & Terry

Address for the church : (Put our name on the subject line)

Harvest Church 7429 Tuckaseegee Road Charlotte, NC 28214


Getting Ready to Go...

Time is flying by...I am one week away from leaving. How does one pack for an undetermined amount of time? You know us women.. I'll probably pack everything but the kitchen sink..

I was so blessed this weekend when speaking at Zion's Hills Baptist Church in Bluefield. They were a wonderful group of people I can now call family. They took up a collection of games for the orphanage and now I have enough to bless them abundantly and be able to bless a school or two. Thanks so much guys/gals..

That evening I was also able to speak at a church in Terry's home town and was blessed also by the church and their members. God just showed up and showed off this weekend in my life....

I am still in need of Rated G or Rated PG DVD's.  I need them to be in Spanish so take a look on the back of them and it will tell you if they come in English and Spanish. No Spanish Subtitles please because the kids can't read that fast.

I need them by Friday or Saturday at the latest if possible. Please let me know if you have any I could bless them with.

They have mostly girls at the orphanage but there are several teen boys. So if you have something that would interest boys I would love to have them also.

Please continue to pray as I prepare to leave my family. It is a bittersweet moment for us. I trust God to work out all the details and know that I am doing the Will of the Father..

Continue to pray for our support. So far there has been none. I know this is a busy time for people and money is tight but God has a plan and His plan is the best of them all. I trust in it completely.

Blessings to all of you..


Just a reminder:

Any donations for the adoption need to go to (put my name on the subject line:

Harvest Church 7429 Tuckaseegee Rd. Charlotte, NC  28214

Any ministry support can come to me:

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214

Tax Season

Each year those of us who work and pay Uncle Sam typically receive some type of tax check back each February or March. What do you do with it? For some families it's a large amount and for others it can be small.

I would think that for most of us it's a nice bonus to receive and is used for catching up on bills or a vacation or toward a new car or something along that line. In this economy there is always a place for it. It's never just FREE money we can waist. Although I do know many people who waist it.. :)

I am writing to challenge each of you who know me and know what God has done in this ministry over the years.

I rarely ask for money unless it is for a specific project. God has blessed me in many ways and provides for me and my family to go to Nicaragua without me having to ask for support. I continue to be amazed at what He does for us.

Times have changed and God has opened so many doors for me. As I wait patiently for him to provide each time it never seems to amaze me how He does it.

Over the summer I sold my jewelry at an event in Belmont and two women I had never met before sowed $100 each into my life. I just about lost it that day. I was so discouraged earlier that day. I had $1,00o's of dollars to raise and had not been very successful at it and along they came. God sent me two beautiful angels that day to show me He's got my back, He's in control.

I would like to ask each of you to pray about sowing into this ministry from your tax return as those two women did. If everyone on this list gave me $10 each I would have over a $1,000 to use in Nicaragua this coming year.

I am not asking for money to send me to Nicaragua. I work two jobs to help pay for that. I am asking you to invest in the Kingdom of God.

All money received will go directly to a project that will happen this year. I can't say specifically what that project will be today as I am in the planning stages now but it will be one that is directed to leading people closer to Jesus.

I receive no money from churches or organizations. All money I receive comes directly from people like you or through my jobs. Just think about all that you have read about this year that God has done on a shoe string budget. He is amazing..

Would you and your family pray about sowing into this ministry in 2011? I hope I have shown each of you that we are serious about what we do and we do not waist money on unnecessary things. All the money we raise goes directly to increasing the Kingdom of God.

If you feel led to invest in what God is doing you can send your tax deductible check to:

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC  28214

Thanks to all of you who have already invested into this ministry. I am working on tax receipts now and since my goal is to raise money and not spend it I am again only mailing out receipts to those who donated more than $250 ( the IRS requires a receipt for those individuals). If you donated less than that and would like a receipt you can use your canceled checks or I will be happy to email you one or mail one upon request. Just reply to this email and let me know to send it either by email or by mail.

Your support to this ministry is unbelievable.. I can't say thank you enough.

God Bless and let's see what God is going to do in 2011.


To see photos of all the different projects, check out my photos page on the website.