What's your relationship like?

The Lord showed me something last week and it would be wrong to keep it to myself. All of us have someone we are close to, someone in our lives that we can't imagine life without. Our husbands, our children, parents, best friend. Someone.

Imagine your relationship with that someone. How many times a day do you think of them? How many times do you talk to them everyday?

What would happen if you changed how much you talked to them every day? What would happen to your relationship?

Mine is my husband so for the sake of example I will use him. You replace him with your special person.

Imagine that when I get up in the morning I talk to him for about 10 minutes, again later for 30 seconds, then another time for 30 seconds and then at about 10:00 or 11:00 that night I give me a "Hunny Do List" full of things I want and I need.

Imagine this is our relationship every day. Day after day this is our life. What would happen to it? What would happen to your realtionship? Would it grow? Would it fall apart?

Well mine would. Terry would expect more than a 10 minute conversation, and a few hello's and that "To Do List" would really push him over his limit..

Is this how your relationship works now? No?

What about your relationship with God?

How is it different?

We wake up and praise him for another day, spend time doing our devotion for 10 or 15 minutes. Pray before breakfast, pray before lunch and dinner and then we go to bed praying for our friends, our family, and asking for things we want God to do for us. Of course there are some exceptions in there like on Sunday's. Heck we go to church and pray and praise that day and don't say another word until bedtime when we give him that "To-Do List" again.

Why do we make sure we work at our relationships with our husbands, etc. but don't work on our our relationship with the very person who died for us and gave his life so we can have eternal life. He gave up everything for us and we spend very little time having a relationship with him. Wonder why he doesn't just give up on us like our "special other" would give up on us?

We were created to be a "Friend of God", How is your relationship with him? Is it as close as that "special one"?

I'm going to be working on mine, what about you?

Something to think about,