Trusting for the Little Things

Last night I had a conversation with someone their adoption paperwork and we began to discuss how important it is to truly trust God.

She said something that really hit me. (Up side the head of course)

Why is it that you can trust God that the Sun will rise in the mornings and the Moon and Stars come out at night but you can't trust him to give you the closest parking spot to the door on a rainy day?

What is the difference? Doesn't it require us to have the same faith?

Do you get up in the mornings and stand up out of bed? You are trusting your legs to hold you up, aren't you? How is that trust any different than trusting God for supplying our needs, healing us, or providing for us financially?

Trust is the Easiest thing to do and the Hardest all at the same time.

If you are facing something and there is doubt in your thoughts, who do you trust? You or God.

The adoption process and the wait is a roller coaster ride for many. Personally, I love ROLLER COASTERS so I can either worry when I'm headed down or I can smile and get excited because I know I'm head right back up.

It's really all in how you choose to look at things. You may be in a situation where there are feelings of doubt and if that is the case just remember what it's like to ride that roller coaster. It's scary one minute but within seconds you'll be laughing your head off.

Trust God for the little things and the big. Sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. You are not in control of where it is going to take you, He is. So let Him drive, you're enjoy the ride a whole lot better if you do. If not you will spend all your time worry about something you can control any way.

We are at peace with this adoption process because we are Trusting HIM and not us and we know that God loves my girls much more than we do and He will see to it that they are in our home not a minute later than He wants them to be.

Are you Trusting Him today? Really Trusting Him or are you trying to control things on your own?

God Bless you and keep praying for us. It’s your prayers that is paving the way for us.