Tragedy in Somotillo

Somotillo is the village that I work in each time and the home where my girls live.

It's on the west coast of Nicaragua right on the border of Honduras. There are around 20,000 people and it's one of the poorest areas on the west side.

Today I received word that a tragedy occurred and I am asking all of you to pray for this family.

There is only one road through Somotillo and it's a very small one at that. Tractor trailers travel through daily back and forth from Honduras.

A young mother and daughter were on their way to the market and suddenly the young daughter ran away from here mother. They were walking only steps from this major road.

The mother frantically chased her young child and fell onto the ground. Sadly she fell directly in the middle of the road where a tractor trailer was coming. He was instantly killed. The daughter was also ran over. The daughter is alive but lost one of her legs. She is in critical condition. There are no hospitals in Somotillo that can do surgeries, I am sure she had to be driven to the next town that does which is 1 hour 1/2 away. The outcome of this little girl is unsure of at this point.

This took place right in the middle to the busiest time of the day. Many people witnessed it and many people are distraught.

I will arrive there on Friday and if God opens the door for me I will minister to those grieving the loss of this young mother. Praise God she is in heaven now. Her husband is the music minister of a church I had planned on visiting.

Tragedy happens everywhere, everyday but here in the US there are ways to help people who have no money, no insurance and no jobs. There on the other hand, are no agencies to help. This young daughter will need extensive mental, physical and spiritual help. Pray God will heal her body and her soul.

Please lift this family up in prayer daily. I did not know this family and I don't know there names but God does and that is all that matters. They need our prayers now more than ever.

I will let you know more once I get there.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for this family.

God Bless,