Tickets Bought....

It's time again to visit my family in Nicaragua. I miss them tremendously and always get excited in anticipation of seeing them again. I will be there during the most important week of the year for Nicaraguans, Holy Week. Leigh Pack, Gwen Emmett and I will be leaving on the 30th and returning on the 7th.

We have several items on our agenda and making many other plans as time passes but our key goal is to use this time of the year to tell the greatest story every told.

Our plans are to paint a mural at the Children's Burn Hospital and minister to the families there. Here in the US we complain about medical care and services but trust me if you could see this burn unit you will never complain again. The walls are so dreary looking and the kids and family members have to stay there all day and night with no entertainment, no provided food and no phones. It's a really sad place to be sick.  I also hope to paint a wall or two with Chalkboard Paint so that the kids who can get out of bed can write and draw on the walls.

We will also we ministering to the families in Ceibita with games, skits, and stories about Jesus' resurrection.

I have been blessed with money to build two small houses this year but the problem is finding the people to build them for so we will be in a hunt for the right families for God to bless with a new home before raining season starts.

Have you seen the Courageous movie yet? May have movie night while we are there and share that movie. I found out today about another movie called Hope that other missionaries are showing that I may show in Ceibita. Pray for wisdom on which movie to show.

Please start now praying for our trip and for it's success. We will be visiting a new community where most have never heard the gospel. Looking forward to sharing God's love with them and telling them all about the HOPE they can have in Jesus.

There are two projects that I need help or sponsors for if anyone would be interested in sowing into them;

1. The pastor of Ceibita wants to build a shelter for the families to sit under when it rains for church. Cost is $200. It will be a huge blessing to them to be able to have church even when it is raining.

2. I am in need of Men's baseball cleats. Sizes 8 to 12. If you have any or know of anyone that has a pair please send them my way. If you would like to buy a pair feel free to contact me or purchase them and I'll pick them up.

3. Paint - I am in need of the Chalkboard Paint. I am not sure the price yet but I think it runs around $15 a quart at Lowes.

If you would like to sow into any of the projects please let me know as soon as possible what you can help with. Any help would be appreciated.

I also hope to bless all the school kids with letters from their sponsors which always brings a great joy to them.

Thanks to all for your prayers and continued support.

Please pray for my family as I leave Terry and the boys with Francis. She is doing so well and I am excited about the bonding that will happen with her and her dad while I am gone.