The Latest on Isamar

If you recall Isamar was scheduled to go to her dad's house on a trail basis over her school break starting on Friday.

I can honestly say that this was the saddest 4th of July I have ever had. I sit wondering all day if she was going to be ok on the 4 - 5 hour bus ride to Managua and was she going to have water (that girl drinks water like crazy), was she going to have a seat or would she have to sit in her dad's lap? Many thoughts went through my head that day.

I called her the night before and encouraged her to be a good girl and obey her dad and enjoy herself but honestly the entire time I wanted to say, "Just don't go, Isamar!!!" but I didn't I was really nice.

Today I called to check on Carmen since she is the one that seems to be hurt the most by all of this and I got a very chattery Carmen. She could not stop talking, on and on she went to my translator and within minutes I soon realized she was telling me that Isamar didn't go.

You can not imagine the excitement that went through me.

Apparently when Isamar's dad tried to leave Carmen and Isamar pitched a fit. Isamar cried the entire way to the bus stop and even while she was on the bus. They traveled about 1 1/2 hours to Chenandega and turned around, got on another bus and traveled back to Somotillo, Isamar still crying.

Isamar just could not leave her sister. She told her dad she did not want to go and did not want to leave her sister. He told the workers at the orphanage that he could not get her under control so he brought her back.

I am sad that Isamar and Carmen had to go through this but I won't lie, I am glad the experience was not the opposite for Isamar. Hopefully this experience will show the dad how important the girls are to each other. Just maybe, this will be what it takes to show him the girls need to stay together.

I finally got to talk to Isamar about her experience and she was very quite until I told her I loved her and I was sad she had to go through it but if she didn’t really want to be with her dad I was happy. Within seconds my shy little girl was excited and talking all about coming to live with us.

Please, please pray for Mi Familia (the DSS people) as they now have to make a decision about Isamar’s future. We are not sure what this means now but I can only hope it’s a point for our side.

God Bless to all,