The Girls at the House of Rose

The clothes are starting to come in and I'm having a hay day.

Ms. Lisa found me 30+ pairs of the cutest undies.. There's no such thing as being in the right place at the right time with God... He knows what He is doing.

I'm so excited, it's like that day you buy the toy your child has been wanting and talking about for months and they are impossible to get but you found one. My stomach gets in knots just thinking about the look on their faces when they see these cool clothes and stuff.

I still need 3 more families if you are interested. I will buy for them and have already did some but would much rather someone other than me bless these girls. I can't wait for them to see your faces on your pictures. It will be so special to them.

God blessed me last night with other things to take to them.

I went to the BiLo on Belhaven and all their stuffed animals and candy was 75% off. The new manager their remembered me from a long time ago and after a chat he told me if I would bring him a letter he would give me enough gift certificates to cover any money I spent.


I got 16 hears that hang on your bed post that say "I Love You" on them, 20+ packs of crayons, 3 packs of 20 pencils with hearts on them and 14 beautiful soft stuffed animals and most importantly CANDY...

God is good, he cares about the little things in life just as much as the big things.

Those children at the House of Rose are precious in his sight. I can see the smile on His face just watching us pick out the clothes for these girls.

If you have not seen them yet, check out the pictures from Christmas by clicking here.

Remember, I have to have everything by the 29th. I leave on the 1st.

God Bless,