Stories to Tell Part 2

So the last time I wrote it was about the night before I left. Do you remember all the excitement I had with the candle catching on fire? Well trust me I was not near as shaken by that as I was the next day.

I flew out of Charlotte and took another one of my crazy rides. The plan was to fly to Orlando and then to Panama City and then on to Nicaragua.

I arrived late in Orlando and had to rush across the airport to catch my next plane. By the time I got to the gate based on the schedule the plane should have been boarding and soon I found that I ran all across the airport, was out of breathe, burning up and had to go potty like no other all to find out the plane was late.

You never know how the next minute of your life can change you.

I proceeded to the ladies room with my carry-on and entering the room there was a long ledge for sitting your things. I placed my carry-on up on the ledge and got out my shorts and in doing so took my passport which was in a wallet type pouch that hung from my neck off and laid it beside my carry-on.  Immediately I felt that would be not be a good idea and grabbed it back. I remember thinking to myself how horrible it would be to lose it.

I then proceeded to the stall to change and once I went inside the door I realized that the  stall was made for kids not big women changing clothes. I took my passport off my neck again and hung it on the door. I changed clothes and found I had no where to lay anything down so I opened the door and proceeded to the ledge to put my clothes back in my carry-on.

I zipped my bag and walked out the door. I did not walk 10 steps out the door and realized I never got my passport off the door. I immediately ran back in side. Keep in mind not even a minute has passed and there was only one other person in the bathroom and she was in my stall. My hands felt sticky so I washed them again waiting on her to come out and soon she did. I looked at her to make sure she didn't have my passport and I saw nothing.  I rushed to the stall and sure enough it was gone.. I turned around and chased after the girl and she had literally disappeared. She was no where in site and there was no where for her to go but right in front of me.

Needless to say about now I am second guessing myself over and over. I tore my bags apart looking for it and my backpack even though I knew that lady had to take it.

I went to the gate and explained what happen and was told there is nothing they can do. At this point the plane is boarding and the gate agent informs me she is sorry but I can not leave the country without my passport.

At first I was a mess. I started to cry with great concerns. I was so frustrated. I just could not believe what was happening to me. I called Terry and got him praying and just cried out God.  I truly felt I was suppose to go but because I had also woke up very sick that morning I was not sure if God was closing the door. I had already paid a lot of money for the ticket but knew God has a plan even if that meant I go home.

Many other events happen during the next 10 minutes and it was crazy. The gate agent was starting to shut the door when out of no where my angel appeared. A security guard had found my passport in a trash can in the tram and rushed it to the gate once he realized my flight was boarding. I cried even harder than when I lost it. I was so happy. I got on the plane crying so hard I could not breathe out of sure frustration and relief..

I learned a lot during that 15 minutes. I learned I was stronger in my faith than I thought and weaker than I needed to be. In other words I was a mess.

From a night of fire to a day of fire. I truly felt like I was in the hot seat.

It does not stop here..  More to come.