Pray, Pray, Pray.. Please pray..

Just got word from Carlos that Oscar is having problems. They did a special blood test and his Creatinine blood levels are too high.

Carlos was not sure what that meant exactly but stated the doctor is very upset and concerned and told the family that this is a possible sign of kidney failure.

They ordered a special medicine and he has been on it for two days and they will retest him again. The problem is of course the tests are expensive so the mom didn't ask me for any more money until now. She was hoping if they waited he would be fine but now it has gotten worse. She borrowed the money needed and got the test done and now the doctor needs to do the second test.

I sent Carlos to pay for the second test tomorrow.

We need to cover him in prayer now that when that blood is drawn from him it will be clean and will be pure and cleansed with God's healing power. No sickness, no high levels of anything that should not be high.

We have come so far, I refuse to give up now...

Pray for him with me, pray for his perfect healing. God's will for our lives is to be WHOLE. I claim that over little Oscar. Jesus already paid for all his sickness and BY JESUS's stripes Oscar IS HEALED.

Let's come together and stand in the gap for Oscar today.

I'll let you know when I have more to tell you.