Pray, Pray, Pray

Thanks to all who are praying and I ask for continued prayer.

We have just learned that the man who showed up at the 11th hour and who is officially the dad of my 9 year old has decided to take both girls.

He does not and has not ever had any relationship with his own daughter much less her older sister.

Sadly, at this time it appears that MF is the one who convenience him to do this. It's real fussy right now but it appears that they are pushing this effort and have refused any contact between us and the girls.

At this time I don't think the girls know anything and I am sure they are confused since we have not spoken to them in two weeks. We have talked with them for the past 2 years every Sunday. An entire year before we decided to adopt them.

Pray for them. They are the ones that will be hurt in all this. They will be scared, and confused because based on the past history they will not be told until they are taken out of the orphanage.

Pray for God's will in their lives. They are everything to us and we want what is best for them and believe with all my heart and soul they are ours.

God is in the miracle making business and I know he can change this around. Continue to pray for the girls they will need God's loving arms around them if we can't get this stopped in time.

Our lawyers are trying to get all the details so they can figure out if we have any ground to stand on. Pray for favor with the person who made this decision. Pray our lawyers can get to them soon and find out exactly what is going on.

Thanks, Angie