Pray for Oscar and his Mom Francisca

I just got word the doctor is ready to do the surgery on Monday.. The time is finally here. There is one problem.

Oscar's mom was put back in jail the day after we left Nicaragua. The prison would not allow her to stay out any longer. Her body is not ready for this surgery and the judge would not let her out earlier this week.

Tomorrow she gets to go before the judge again and request to get out AGAIN. Hopefully he will allow it since the hospital is now saying they are ready for the surgery.

Please pray for favor with the judge. We have come this far and we are so close.

Pray now that this kidney will be received by Oscar's body COMPLETELY, not only does his kidney functions need to work but his brain and blood has to accept the kidney.

Pray for his nerves as he just saw his friend in the hospital reject their kidney and pass away. He is afraid now and is not sure about the surgery. Bless his little heart, so young and has so much to worry about.

Pray for Francisca to get out and be able to get her body ready for the surgery. She will need several weeks in the hospital to recover which will make it difficult for Oscar knowing his mom is sick.

Pray for finances. I have paid all I can for them. All the money raised and donated has already paid for the numerous test that had to be done. The surgery is covered for both of them but they keep asking for crazy things. Today they were told they would need money for the extra sheets needed for the surgery. Things are so different there.

If you would like to support this need please email me and let me know how much you can send and that way I can have a tally and get the money sent. We are working with the hospital to make sure these charges are legitimate. The family has tried to help with some of the cost but its really hard because all of them are in the $100's of dollars and they can not come up with that kind of money making a $1 a day.

You can donate by credit card online with PayPal by going to my donations page or by sending a check to (make the subject line "Oscar":

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC  28214

More than anything please pray for Oscar. He is only 8 years old. He has lived a very hard life since he was born. This is his chance at a new life, a new future.

God Bless,