Operation Education Needs Sponsors

I still have 39 kids that need a sponsor. If you have not let me know already that you want to sponsor can you please do so as soon as possible.

If you have told me and you have not sent in your payment of $30 please send it as soon as you can.

The deadline is October 25th but it looks like Terry may be coming on the 24th and I would need all the money possible by then.

Thanks to all those who have already sponsored a child. It is very important to these kids and they do not take it for granted. Every child is required to pray each morning before class starts for their sponsors and they have their sponsors name on theirs notebooks as a reminder of the blessings they have.

Also they have ask that they receive a picture of each family and a letter so in March when I come I will want to get that from everyone. I will let you know after the first of the year.

Please forward this email to all your friends and if you are on Facebook share my link with others.

The link to see the kids is www.thepowerofoneministry.org/school/2012/index.htm

Thanks so much,


ps. As for Francis and I (she has decided to leave her name as it was given to her) we are waiting on the council to vote on us and then we go to the judge. We are hoping to be home by the first of November.