On the road again..

Well it's 12:52am on Sunday morning and I am in Miami. Yes I am on my way back to Nicaragua. I can't really explain to anyone how Oscar's death makes me feel. I am not sure anyone would understand if I told you.

When I first met Oscar God did something in my heart for him I can't understand. I love many kids in Nicaragua but none like him, other than my girls of course.

God used Oscar to stretch my faith farther than anything. There are many times during the last two years when Oscar needed help that I did not have the finances to do so and I watched God show up in a mighty way.

I will never forget last year during August when he needed his house to be fixed in order for him to come home. I got a call at the last minute and it was going to take like $600 to fix it and I didn't have a dime to give him. God and I went around and around and when it was all said and done it was my faith God was working on, not my pocket book.

I have learned so much from this. I have had to trust God in ways like no others.

I have to have closure. I can't just sit and let them bury my little buddy and not be there to be a part of it and have that closer.

In addition the family is so distraught. They truly believed he would wake up one day. I am proud to see their faith. I am happy to know during this time they have prayed more than ever before. My concern now is to make sure there is no anger toward God. I understand there is and hope to help work through that.

Of course this trip and the last was not planned. We are again having to trust God for the finances to cover these expenses along with burial arrangements.

I have had many of you ask can you help and yes you can. If you would like to contribute to the burial for this family please just send your check to me an I will apply it to what was spent. So far we only know the casket is around $225 and that we have to purchase the land for the grave and pay the people to dig the grave. They have a type of wake also but I am not sure of the details just yet.

Things are so different in Nicaragua. My friend Carlos had to prepare the body. He and the dad had to clean the body up and put his clothes on him as well as put him in the casket. Maybe God knew if I was there I would have felt obligated to do that for the family and trust me I would not have been able to handle that. Carlos is a great friend to me and knew that I would have not wanted the mom to have done it.

They took the body to Somotillo tonight and now he will be there for the wake until I get there. We will bury him on Monday morning. They don't em-bomb the body but they do something to keep it so the family can keep it up for the wake.

Please pray for the family as they are heart broken of course. Francisca can not have any other children and Oscar is her only one. Pray this family will find God through all this.

I am not sure all of you reading this understand the magnitude of the prayers that have been going on for Oscar. You are a part of 100's that have been praying faithfully. People in Kenya, the Philippines,  all over the US in many cities have all joined together to pray for this little guy.

Little Oscar has brought us all together crying out to God on his behalf. This is how it is suppose to be. Not just in a crisis should we be on our knees for each other. Daily we need to lift up others and help carry their burdens.

I will never be able to thank each of you for all the prayers.

God Bless each of you.

Pray for support and rest for me as I travel 3 hours by plane and 3 hours by car.

Praise God my little buddy hurts no more.



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