News on the Adoption

During this trip to Nicaragua, Terry and I had the opportunity to go to Mi Familia and complain about the confusing information we are getting.

The office in Managua is in charge of our adoption case, the office in Chinandega is in charge of the future of our girls. The two of them are not working together and we are getting conflicting information from them. One office tells us the other should be working on things and then that office tells us the opposite.

We were very direct with them this trip and at this point it appears God's favor was upon us.

Both offices told us we needed to talk with Isamar's dad. This is unheard of in Nicaragua. Typically Mi Familia would never want us talking with him because of the possibility of paying him off. God's favor was there for us. We have earned their respect and they are on our side so we called the dad and made arrangements to talk with him.

On Monday of last week we met with him and for about 1 hour 1/2 he went on and on about how he felt it was God's plan for Isamar to be with us. He kept telling us that he had always seen her in his visions with him. He kept telling us his desires were to preach and to have his wife by his side. He never even mentioned having Isamar there. I was very discouraged for that hour but something kept telling me to be patient. I had gone there with the intentions of asking him to give us Isamar but as he kept talking I soon realized that just maybe God had answered our prayers.

He started asking us very personal questions about our family. He wanted to know all about us and what we do. We told him everything he wanted to know and assured him that Isamar would always be his but we wanted to give her a better life with her sister.

He finally told us that even though he felt that God had always shown him that he was to have Isamar that maybe it was God's plan for us to have her but to keep her in his life.

Yes, that's right. He agreed to give her to us. He said that if in fact Mi Familia told him Isamar didn't want to live with him and she truly felt that way that he would sign his rights to us.

Notice you don't hear me screaming through this website. I don't know him and I don't know how much I can trust him. I am choosing to guard my heart because I don't think I could take that kind of let down if he changes his mind.

He promised he would go to Mi Familia on Friday (two days ago) or tomorrow and talk with them, however, on Tuesday of this past week Mi Familia called him on their own and told him to come in.

They told me that they called him and said that they needed to get this adoption finalized and that the delegate felt that it was in the girls best interest to be with us and now they need to sit down and discuss what needed to be done next. (They are not aware we talked with the dad and he is willing).

Trust me that was God. This way he does not have a long time to change his mind and they are pushing for him to sign.

This is great news for us but until I know he actually signed I am not jumping for joy. I am praying he will do what he says and do it fast.

Please be in prayer with me that his heart stays true to what he has said already. He seems to truly want what is best for Isamar. Pray for him. His name is Francisco. This has to be hard for him. Isamar is his child.

What happens next..

If he signs her over I will have to go there and attend a court session where the judge will ask him in open court if he wants to give me Isamar. He will have to say YES in front of Isamar. The judge will discuss this with Francisco and with Isamar. Once the judge is comfortable with his answers, he signs the decree and Isamar is OURS, right that minute.

She will have to go back to the orphanage and stay until we get Carmen’s abandonment taken care of. Pray with me the lawyers at Mi Familia can get the same judge to view that case and sign her abandonment at the same time. OMG.. that would be the most amazing answer to prayer.

Pray with me that all of this works together this way. Families are waiting years for just a paper to be signed by a judge. I don’t want to wait years.

I know lots of you are praying for my family already but I am asking you to PLEASE put this at the top of your lists and don't just pray once and forget, continue to pray. Together lets watch what God is going to do in this case.

Please tell me how I can be praying for your family, together we can move mountains.

Rejoicing in the Lord,