My Box has arrived

Oh my, I think I have aged 10 years in the last week waiting on this box to arrive this morning.

It's finally here and all documents were stamped and sent back.

We're on our way now...
Let me explain the process so you can be praying in agreement.

Terry and I will take this paperwork to Nicaragua on Saturday. On Monday we have to have the officials in Nicaragua put their seal of approval on just the papers not the content then on Tuesday morning we will take our Official looking documents to Mi Familia so that their staff can go through it with a fine tooth comb.

Typically, Mi Familia finds things wrong with every one's paperwork the first time around. It's not really that they are just looking for problems as much as it is they want to cover themselves. Just think if the lives of children were in your hands. Wouldn't you be thorough?

Once that is done and based on the outcome all those documents get sent to another group that meet twice a month. Our daughters have to first be declared abandon and once that paperwork is complete then we go on the list to be reviewed. Once we get the big YES they can adopt the adoption process REALLY begins.

This is what I expect to happen and will be praying, this is what I need you to pray also.

Thank you Father that Your favor is on my life.
Thank you that my paperwork is in order and if something is out of place you will fix it.
Thank you for allowing me to meet with Dr. Artola (a Christan at Mi Familia) and have her review my paperwork.
Thank you for perfect timing in everything. You are never late.
Thank you for reminding me why I am doing this and that you are in control, NOT me...
Thank you for protection as we fly to Nicaragua.
Thank you for my salvation and the opportunity to serve you through bringing Carmen and Isamar to our home.

Thank you Father for your son Jesus.