Many Prayer Requests

I have a lot going on in my life right now as you already know but there are some specific needs I have that I would ask you to be in agreement with me on.

1. I need a job. During the summer months our work is very low and the increase of gas and food caused our spring months to be lower than normal. We don't have enough money to carry us through the summer months and be able to minister in Nicaragua as we feel called to do. I have lots of computer skills, clerical skills, just about anything in an office I have experience doing. I can wait tables, answer phones, you name it I'll do it. I only need a temporary position. I can work from now until July 27th with the exception of July 11, 12 & 19.

2. I need to find a contact with Budget, Avis, or Hertz. To rent a truck in Nicaragua is about $80 a day. It's the most expensive part of my trips. If I had a contact there that could give me an employee discount it would help tremendously.

3. Is your husband/brother/cousin in the National Guard or the Army? I need a contact with a military group here in Charlotte that might be able to help me with getting the small shovels that fold to Nicaragua. In August I want to start helping Coffadia plant a garden. There soil there is hard as a rock and without tools it’s impossible. I am researching to find out how much it will cost to buy the needed materials there but that requires more money to raise.

4. Do you know of a wonderful Christian college student that will still be home from August 4 - 12th? I have a wonderful friend and his wife that takes care of my kids while I am gone but I do not want to wear them out. I am looking for someone who loves kids and loves missions. By watching my kids they are allowing me to do the work God has for me. I just know there are young adult ladies out there that would love to help us out. Please think about your friends and see if you know of someone who would like to serve the Lord through babysitting for a week.

I know it seems like I am asking for a lot so I'll share a testimony of how God is already working this out.

In the airport in Atlanta the agent announced our flight was over sold and they needed volunteers to give up their seat for a $400 ticket and a hotel voucher. Terry and I decided hey this is a way for us to get a ticket back to Nicaragua so we volunteered. While I was at the desk telling them we would take the offer I mentioned we were adopting and another agent starting asking questions. I told her my story and she smiled and say, "Hang on a minute I think I have something you can use". Within a few minutes she handed me a note that said she would be happy to give me two buddy passes to use when ever I wanted. She looked up the flight and told me it would be $80 to fly to Nicaragua and back. $80, can you believe that. A total stranger offering me her tickets to use. She then went on to say that if for some reason she could not help me she knew many others that could. God is working on my behalf. He is opening the doors He wants me to walk through. Sadly, I didn't get the other two tickets after all.

Now, let him use you to help me get answers to my prayers listed above.

Can't wait to see what he does with these requests.

God Bless,