Ladies & Gentlemen.. your help is needed

The Lord has really blessed me with ideas this trip to minister to different types of people. The children we will be playing lots of games and doing different dramas and other object lessons with to share the story of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Maybe an ice cream party is on the horizon..

A member of my church is hand making all the women in Ceibita a new outfit. A new outfit is something these woman never get. I measured all of them and she is making tailored skirts and shirts for them. I am so excited because I know they and they will be excited. What better way to share your new clothes than to have a Fashion Show.. I hope to have each lady dress their best and walk down the cat walk. We will decorate for them and help them to feel special in every way.

The men of this community are my hardiest to reach. They are so hard headed they don't want to listen to this crazy Gringa  (American Woman in Spanish) so I have a plan for them to hear the gospel and learn about God's love.

I just bought the baseball team from Ceibita brand new uniforms. Tailed uniforms with their names on the back and all. They will look so nice and feel so special walking around in those clothes. Not many have uniforms and the ones that do get a lot more respect. I am also taking them baseballs and gloves and hopefully some cleats. I am going to use the balls as a reward. Baseballs are $4 a piece there and every game the team has to have at least 2 to play. I am taking like 50 balls and will make the men win them by learning bible verses. If they want that ball bad enough they will study. :)

I need your help to pull all this off. Below is a list of items you may be able to help with;

1. Costume jewelry - as long as it is something you can wear I want it. Earrings, bracelet's and necklaces.

2. Spanish Bibles - you can get them for around $350 - $4 at Lifeway.

3. Baseball Cleats - Mens size 8 - 12. I need 25 pair. I only have two so far.

4. $70 - I would love to feed all the people with a bowl of ice cream. To feed 270 people cost about $60 - $70

5. Pinata $30 - I would like to bless other kids in another community with one and the cost is $8 for the pinata and $20 for the candy. (50 lbs )

6.Church roof - the church in Ceibita exists under a tree. The local church has raised money to build a small shelter type item to cover them when it rains. They need $200 to complete it. You can see the shelter a little in the attached picture.

7. Streamers and Balloons - got any left over balloons from a party you want to donate. I want to decorate nice for the Fashion show.

If you can help in any of these items in any way please let me know as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity to be a part of God's great plan. God created us all so He could have a relationship with us and it's my goal to share His love with others to help them also have that personal relationship and spend eternity in Heaven and not in Hell.

Will you join me? Will you be a part of the Great Commission?

Let me know by email if there is any way you can participate. The need is great.

God Bless,


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The beginning of a church shelter.