Kidney Transplant a Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise God for his faithfulness.. Just got word that Oscar and Francisca are out of surgery and the recovery rooms and are in their rooms resting.

Doctor told the dad that the surgery was a huge success and everything went perfect.

Oscar has already gone to the bathroom since he got out of surgery and this is unheard of the doctor said. The very fact he is alert and awake enough to talk is another miracle. Mom is also doing well and seems not to be in great pain. The pain medicines they give there are nothing as grand as here so that is also a great miracle.

I am honored I serve a God that is in the miracle making business.

I am also honored to have people who will go before God on behalf of a child they don't even know.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for my little buddy. I promise you I will tell him all about you when I see him again.

What now?

We need to pray his body continues to LOVE that new kidney. We need perfect healing in his body. We need all body parts, blood vessels, cartilages, capillaries, EVERYTHING to feel happy to see this new kidney and to not reject it.

The first week is hardiest time they say. Let's pray him right through this week and into the next year. His birthday is in November, I expect to give him a big present for that birthday in December.

Thanks again and keep praying PLEASE..

God Bless,