January 2015 Newsletter

2014 was an amazing year so I am excited to see what God's plans are for 2015. Every year I stand in amazement of His blessings into this ministry and year after year He tops the year before. Our trip in December was awesome. There were 6 of us. My husband Terry, David Eason, Tiffany Fusion, Sara Harvey and our Nicaraguan buddy Ralphie. Together along with our Nicaragua team we had a full week. The enemy worked overtime on us that week as each of us fell sick with a stomach virus that actually came from the states but all of us pressed through it and had a great time.

Our first day in Nicaragua was Thursday and the graduation day of our seniors. I felt like a proud Momma. We had 7 kids who graduated from high school, 11 from middle school and 4 from preschool. One of the seniors actually stood in front of everyone and thanked all the sponsors she has had and Terry and I on behalf of each student who graduated. It was very special. Click here to view the pictures.

Our second day was spent blessing the kids. We have 106 kids who are attending school next year and this was their celebration day. Each child received their package that included a uniform, socks, shoes and a backpack along with some school supplies. Additionally, each child received a toy gift bag that was donated by Ambassadors To The Nations. If you sent a gift or letter to your child they also received it that day. This is always one of the best days of the year for me to see all of them so blessed. Click here to view the pictures.

On Saturday we spent the day with my babies at the orphanage. I took my parachute and some balls and we had the time of our lives. It was so much fun. Every trip is a joy but this was an extra special time. We played and played and laughed even harder. It was only at the end did I find out that some of my favorite kids (I know I am not suppose to have favorites but I can't help myself) would be leaving to return back to their home life on January 4th. This literally broke my heart and I have shed many tears but I have to rest in my prayers that God is taking care of them where ever they are and I praise Him for allowing me to have the special moments I had with them that day. Additionally, the kids had attended church that day and were all dressed up so we took advantage of the opportunity and Terry took pictures of each of them and a group shot. The little boy in the front row is one that left this month and one that will be missed beyond what my words can describe. Pray for them. Pray for God's protection over them.  Click here to view the pictures of my sweet kids.

By Sunday morning I was sick as a dog and very weak but I refused to allow the sickness in my body to stop us so we went ahead with our plans to take pictures of all the families in the community and to bless each family with food and other gifts. It was difficult because I had a fever and could not hug them. Not sure if it was harder on me or them. Each family was blessed with 10lbs of rice and 5lbs of beans and a liter of oil. Prices were extremely high this trip. Pray the price of beans drops because this is the only protein they get in their diet and right now 1 lb of beans cost more than they make in a day which means no one is buying beans. Thanks again partners for making this happen without your help I could not bless these families. Your are truly changing their lives. Click here to view the pictures of the food distribution. Check out the family photos also.

Monday was WEDDING DAY!!!!! Even though we were still sick, especially my husband the photographer, we took the morning to visit my friend Darling and bless her and then we got ready for the wedding. Can you imagine 16 large wedding cakes, decorations and 17 people in a bus headed to the wedding hoping the cakes didn't melt or shift. It was quite an adventure but in the end it was beautiful. We had 15 couples get married and all of them were beyond excited for this day. The church was decorated and the chairs were ready for 300 people to arrive. Each couple came forward as they were called, their vows were said and the kiss sealed the deal and made everyone smile. I was able to share just a little with them about my 25 years of marriage and David Eason blessed them with the Word. Afterwards we fed everyone a nice plate of chicken and rice and most importantly a piece of cake. My friend Gwen created a hand made card for each family with 1st Corinthians 13:4 in it. The brides were blessed with wedding veils and a wedding bouquet and the men were given a boutonniere. Our team member Tiffany even brought dresses for some of the brides to wear. We took pictures of each couple and when I return I will bless them with a wedding photo as well as take the time to talk to them about how the covenant with their spouse is just like the covenant with God. I can't wait for this opportunity. Check out the wedding photos here.

As you see the week was very full and God showed up every day and blessed our team in many ways. Every trip I go I hope I am a blessing to the families yet they end up being the blessing to me.

There were so much more to tell you but it would take another full page of information so I will limit this to say it was AMAZING and I give God all the glory...

Thank you again partners for your financial support, prayer support, and encouragement to keep doing this.

I have a trip planned in March and hope to return again in August and next December. If you would like to join me and see for yourselves how God is changing the lives of these people through you please let me know.

God Bless EACH OF YOU.


ps. Letters from the Operation Education kids will be mailed soon.