Isamar's DNA Test

Isamar rode the 3 1/2 hour bus ride to and from Managua yesterday and completed the test.

Sadly, we are now being told it will take a MONTH to get the results back. This causes a lot of problems for us. We have to live there for 6 - 10 weeks and since our business is slow during the summer months we were planning around that time but with this pushing things out a month that makes things very difficult. We are now looking at bringing the girls home in September or October which is just not good for our business.

Please pray for favor. We need that test result back much sooner.

The dad also caused a scene yesterday because Isamar rejected him. He tried to talk to her and hug on her and she refused. Now he is saying that we caused this. We have brain washed her into believing he is bad for her. This is just not the truth. I have said nothing to her about her dad.

He is making things difficult for us. Pray that his heart sees that we are not trying to change how Isamar feels.

Pray for her sister Carmen. She cried all night on Sunday thinking she would not see Isamar again. Yesterday when she finally arrived back home Carmen hugged her for 10 minutes saying "I thought I would not every see you again". How difficult that was for Carmen to endure.

Thank for your prayers. You are truly helping me stay sane..

I'm trusting God to handle this, I know he won't let me down.