Heading down South..

I can hardly believe it is mid March and I am heading to Nicaragua on Saturday. Time is flying by these days. I will be going with two other woman. Leigh Pack and Gwen Emmitt.

We have a busy schedule and would appreciate your prayers daily. We need covering the entire week. It's very very hot there right now and there is always opposition to fight with.

Here is our schedule. Pray as God leads you.

Leave Charlotte at 6 am and arrive Nicaragua at 12:00 on Saturday. We will drive then 3 1/2 hours to Somotillo. That evening will be planning for Sunday.

Sunday we will be hosting "Minute to Win It" games and a ice cream party in Ceibita for the day (275 people and most have never tasted ice cream before). We will also perform a skit and have music for the kids. Leigh's an amazing clown. Her  name is Flutter-By and we expect to see her come out often.. :

Monday we will be ministering to the women of Ceibita in the morning hours on God's love and how beautiful they are in his eyes. Praying for bondages to be broken. In the afternoon we will be visiting a new community and playing with the kids. My goal is to get to know them and see if this is a new community for me to work in.

Tuesday in the morning we will be visiting the school that the kids of Ceibita attend and ministering with object lessons there and another nearby school. In the afternoon we will be hosting an ice cream party for 150 people which include the now 41 kids who are struggling in their family with HIV/AIDS. We will be distributing the school uniforms for them also. So excited to meet them and bless them.

Wednesday morning we are ministering in another school in the morning and in the afternoon we will be meeting with the teenage girls from Pastor Jorge's church to discuss purity and how God sees them. We will also be teaching them worship dances.

Thursday in the morning we will be traveling back to Managua and will visit the orphanage to see my girls.

Friday we will be ministering all day to the House of Hope which is a rescue center for children and woman who are sold into prostitution and sex slavery. We will do object lessons with the women and then with the kids after they come back from school. Will be a long day as we will be performing skits, object lessons, games with the kids and giving out lots of love and candy of course.

Saturday we will be attending a church service that hosts between 200 - 400 kids every Saturday morning. We will assist the pastor and participate in the service. Can you imagine 400 kids in the same room....?

Sunday we will be traveling home and will not arrive until midnight.

As you see we will have a busy week. Your prayers are needed and will help to give us strength.

Please also pray for our safety, health, unity of the team and most importantly open doors and opened hearts to hear the gospel.

We seek only God's will in all we do and we are going with a plan but expect we will only do what God wants done. Pray for wisdom, discernment and God's spirit to flow through us.

God Bless all of you and I look forward to telling you what God did when I get back.