Happy Birthday Oscar...

Today is little Oscar's 8th birthday. I am very surprised he has made it to see it to be honest.

I have been checking on him since the last time I was there and he is getting worse.

In October when we were there he was in the hospital with pneumonia from going swimming and while he was in the hospital his dialysis tube got infected so he had to have a surgery to take it out and put it back in again.

Last week he got to go home after 20 days.

Today, sadly we called only to find out he is back in the hospital with pneumonia again. This time they just feel it was from the damp weather they are having.

He loves grapes and apples so I sent him some by my friend in hopes to brighten his day.

Please pray for his weak little body. He is hanging on for dear life and today is a sad day for him since he can't talk to his mom because she is still in jail. It's his first holiday without her.

It is sad to know that this innocent little boy is dealing with so many adults issues. Pray he has peace and comfort through it all.

Additionally, please pray for the aunt that is taking care of him. Her name is Evelyn. She was going to college and quit to take care of him. She has no income and has to stay at the hospital day in and day out with very little to eat if any.

Thanks for lifting him up to the Lord.


This picture is on Oscar's bed. It was taken the first day I met him. I gave it to them the next time I saw them and now it has been enlarged and put on a piece of wood. He keeps it by his bed. The woman in the middle is him mom Francisco. He tells me that was the first day he met his best friend. It makes me cry every time I see it.