God's working things out

I have had several online meetings with my contact in Somotillo and I am starting to get so excited. I leave next Thursday and by Friday afternoon I will be knee deep in meetings with business owners in other cities near Somotillo learning how they make tile for their roofs. They are like the Spanish tiles you see in Spain or other countries.

Here is a picture of them:


The goal is to provide the resources to them to start the business through a micro-loan and they will have to repay the loan back as they make money. It is the best way to teach them about finances, making money and the business way of doing things. It makes them accountable for their success.

Of course, I will not just take the money back, instead we will reinvest it into another community, at least that is the plan.

Additionally, since the women are the work-a-bees of the community I am going to introduce to them a way they can earn money for the community. The money raised will go directly toward fixing their homes, buying materials, pots, pans, chickens, etc. and not into their pockets necessarily. Can you imagine a family that only makes $30 a month getting an extra $20 or $30 dollars. They don't spend it wisely, they don't waist it but they don't spend it in a manner that will long term make a difference. Of course, only those who participate in the project will receive the benefits.

I will also be discussing with local business men a way to help the community of Ceibita get back and forth to church each Sunday. We may even at this point start having church under the big tree in Ceibita to save cost. It is now costing the church I work with $100 each month to bring them back and forth each week. That's a lot for one church to pay, however, the pastor feels it is crucial to do in order to truly disciple these families that accepted Christ in July. They are growing stronger in the Lord and can now possibly start on their own. It is my dream to build a church there. I am trusting God for the right connections who would like to team with me to do so.

We will also be discussing my July trip. We will be focusing on how my friend Flutter-By the clown can be a blessing to both children and adults on that trip. She and her family will be joining me and I can't wait to see her in action.

Remember the Pastor I met in Nicaragua last February from South Carolina? Well sure enough he and I will be there this trip at the same time. He and other church members will hopefully be able to with me to Ceibita to visit with the very families his church is praying for and blessing with farm equipment and seeds.  I'm so excited to show off my friends to them. Its great when I can say here are the people who have been praying for you and blessing you.

I will have the opportunity to see the school kids this trip and take them more school supplies. If you have any you want to give me I'll take them. Crayons, pencils, sharpeners, colored pencils, anything school related other than paper and notebooks. They are just too heavy.

As you can see many things are going on with me in Nicaragua. I have not even skimmed the service actually.

This will be a very busy "business trip".  Although I will be very business like the excitement for these families to possibly get to start a business will be a ministering time itself. What a way to show them Jesus. I will be speaking with the men and so far they have not accepted the Lord. What a witness to them this will be. I am trusting God to work out all the details.

As usual I am trusting God for the finances to make this trip. Since I am going my myself it will cost me about $1500 - $1600 for travel expenses only. That does not include any ministry needs. As of now I need all the help I can get so if you feel led to help financially please do so. Be a part of the beginning of a great success story.

Most importantly as always I need your prayers. I need people who will truly pray when they say they will. Please put my name on your churches prayer list, put my name on your refrigerator and every time you open the door simply pray, "Lord bless her, provide for her and protect her". That's all it will take. If everyone does that who reads this, I'll be more than covered.

Come and join me in Nicaragua. You don't even have to leave the comforts of your home. Just go in prayer with me.

God Bless and thanks for your support,


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