Garden Project a huge success...

Every time I go to Nicaragua I come home wondering if what I just did mattered to anyone other than me. It is really hard to tell sometimes and the best intentions can be great in your mind and not be for those you are trying to reach.

This trip to Coffradia was amazing. God used those wonderful families to truly bless me instead of me blessing them.

I arrived to the entrance of the community to a "Rolling of the Red Carpet". They had used left over fertilizer and rocks to make a "red carpet" effect. On the side of the entrance is a brick wall they had cleaned and painted "Welcome Ally" on it . (ll says "G" in Spanish). They even wrote it on the big rocks that are at the corner of the school.

The leader of the community and some of the key people were waiting for me with homemade signs. This was a huge sacrifice for them. I am sure it cost them a days wages to buy the paper. I am hanging those signs in my house as a reminder of why I do what I do. Each sign basically said, "we the community of Coffradia want to say thank you for all that you are doing here in our community and for all the people who have helped you help us, we say thank you. Please continue to work in our community. We will pray that you are blessed for what you do and that you will always come back soon. We all love you very much."

Their kindness will forever be in my heart. For all of you who were the original ones that helped sponsor these families., those words are for you more than me. I have told them all about your kindness and your willingness to bless them. They are truly thankful. I have never seen or heard of a community doing anything like this before.

The school teacher allowed the students to have the morning off so we could have a meeting in the school. The kids were dressed in their best and had decorated the school. I am sure all the supplies were purchased by the teachers own personal money. I have visited the school many times and it always looked really bad. I often wondered why until the teacher shared with me that people are breaking into the school and damaging things all the time and the roof leaks really bad so during the school year it is hard for them to keep the school decorated and an exciting place to learn. Our kids are so blessed they have a comfortable place everyday to learn in.

As I talked to the families about their gardens I soon realized they were so proud of them. They were happy to show off their work and let me know they had been working hard. I keep asking if they want to stop and they keep telling me NO WAY. Some of them are on their 3rd or 4th gardens already. Others are having some problems with their soil that we hope will soon be resolved.

I was told again while I was there that this garden project should have never been a success. The soil is just not made to grow things. I continue to tell them that with God's assistance they can grow food in the worse conditions ever. God is showing off in Coffradia. He is showing them that He will provide for them. I don't have to be there to give God's testimony to them about His love for them, He's doing it every day all by Himself.

Check out the pictures of the Welcome, the School and the Gardens on my website by clicking here.

I can not thank all of you enough for what you are doing in this community. I also can't express to you the thankfulness of this community. They are working hard trying to learn the correct way to keep their gardens growing. They are meeting every week with the trainer who is not only teaching them about their gardens but about God and His love for them. Only because of YOU... this can be done.

Let me know what you think about this project.

God Bless,