Final update on Adopt-A-Family Garden Project

Big Green Peppers I was not able to return to the village of Coffradia as planned in December but God supplied a wonderful friend named Jennifer to help me out by getting me some updated pictures.

I have talked to several of the families and the man that did the training and this project has been more than a success.

Comments I received are:

The whole community is thankful to you and those who helped make this happen. We have learned how to feed ourselves and grow our own food. Without the tools this could have never happen for me.

Everyone worked hard and now they are seeing the food come in and its wonderful.

Thank you so much. Thank all of the people who helped us. This did not just help us now it changed our lives.


Pastors from neighboring villages have to come see the success and are asking if I will do this in their village. They can see how it has changed the lives of all the families that participated.

Families are excited that they can walk outside and pick fresh vegetables for their dinner. They have already taken seeds from the plants and started the next harvest.

I am so thankful to all of you that help make this successful. It has been a blessing to see all the families come together to help each other. Some Christians and some not.  Each family was taught that God is the ground they need to sew into and He is their future.

Check out the pictures of the vegetables and plants. The new pictures are near the end.

God Bless all of you and I hope that if I do this project again in another village you will be willing to help again.