Do you know a Christian Eye Doctor?

I currently don't have a Christian Ophthalmologist and I am in need of one.

I have found a company that will provide me with New glasses to take to Nicaragua for free.

I need a doctor who is willing to teach me the best method of distributing these glasses.

Having poor eyesight is bad enough but to have poor eyesight and the wrong glasses is just asking for a headache.

If you are going to the doctor soon ask them if they would be willing to partner with me and teach me how to determine what prescription a person needs. I’m not looking for an education on your eyes just the best layman’s method of figuring this out. I know it can be done; thousands of mission teams are doing it.

Just think how cool it would be to give sight to someone so they can read the Word of God.

If you will end me your doctors name and location, I'll call them.