Divine Appointments.. #2

I truly believe in them. I believe God prepares the way as you walk by faith. I talked to my mom last night and found her in tears. Tears of fear, frustration, aggravation, depression, hopelessness, discouragement and pretty much just about every emotion one can have.

She and I have struggled so much over our lifetime but for a brief few moments she allowed me in. What a miracle...

Her house is literally falling down on her head and she is very concerned.

She told me about a program going on in her area from the stimulus package and who is in charge of it so I picked up the phone this morning and called this man.

Amazingly, today of all days, he was preparing to meet officials from the capital who have been assigned the responsibility of finding homes to repair or completely rebuild. They are going from house to house to evaluate who can receive help and who can not.

I put my mom's face in front of this man and encouraged him to keep up the good work. I told him I knew it was God that connected us together on this very day and to please just be aware of my mom's situation. He told me he had some specific families that took priority over my mom but after those where visited if time prevailed he would go to his other list based on the location they were at and the time left.

I am asking you to pray that God puts this man right in my mom's area and there is plenty of time for them to go and evaluate her house.

There is no guarantee that they will choose her but at least she will be interviewed. I am trusting God that she will have favor with them and get a new home.

She is 65 years old and lives on a fixed income in a home that is killing her health wise and the foundation is falling in on her. She has lived there since she was born and loves her independence so asking her to mom somewhere else is out of the question.

I need this to happen.. I need God to intervene and help my mom and I am asking him, believing it to be done.

Please be in agreement with me that the doors that have already opened this morning will continue to open through all the agencies, departments, and officials that will be making this decision.

I am leaving in the morning to go and be with her as she is mentally unstable right now from the stress of the house and the stress of my brother who has been incarcerated and can't get out for a lack of funds. He is begging my mom to get him out and she just does not have the money and I refuse to help him because he needs to learn his lesson. I am going to help him help himself get out but I won't bail him out.

Those of you who know me know this is a big deal. For those of you who are new to my blog, my mom and I have not spoken but twice in 4 years. She is angry at me because I defended her against my brother and in her eyes until now "HE does no wrong". Isn't it great how God takes something bad and turns it into good.

Pray I can be selfless and not opinionated and will just love on my mom. She really needs it and so do I.

God Bless,