Divine Appointments #1

Do you ever say, "It just so happen that..." or "That was a coincidence"?

I use to say that often when I was a younger Christian but now as I have grown more in my faith I realize that NOTHING just happens with God. There are no coincidences... He ordains our steps, things happen because he wanted them to happen.

Well today I had the most amazing "Coincidence". I will choose to call it a DIVINE Appointment by God.

I’ll try to make this short.

While I was in Nicaragua this last time I met some amazing youth who are currently playing soccer for the Lord. They have games every Sunday afternoon and during their games they witness to the other teams. It's too cool. They are made up of previous gang bangers, drug addicts, and some really ruff neighborhood kids. Now they use their talent to show that getting high on Jesus is a much better life. They even walk miles to share the sport and Jesus with other communities.

I was privileged to purchase them new uniforms while I was there. It was as if I gave them a stack of Million dollar bills. They were so grateful. They could not stop smiling. It was breath taking to see young men act like our kids act at Christmas time. Boy, do we take those moments for granted.

The most expensive item they need is cleats. I promised them I would come back and ask everyone I could find to donate cleats to them but specifically to pray I find an open door to the Charlotte Eagles. Surely, they would have extra equipment they could possibly share.

Well this week I was contacted by a lady who works on the newsletter for the adoption agency I used. They are running an article about one of the girls at the orphanage Loriana. She was so impacted by Loriana's story that she shared it with some other ladies at her church and last night I had family contact me asking to adopt Loriana. How awesome is that....

I thought God was done but He has only started.

Today I was speaking with Cyndie to give her the good news about the family and in that conversation she told me her husband use to play for the Charlotte Eagles... See where this is going...

Needless to say I was jumping out of my skin thinking, "No way God, No way.. You just didn't find me a family for Loriana and you're giving me that Charlotte Eagles contact all in the same phone conversation... "

Just think about it... God placed all this together.

I spoke to my agency about Loriana, they agreed to run the ad, they sent it to Cyndie, I went to Nicaragua, found the soccer players, Cyndie called because she questioned the ad, she sent out a flyer to some friends about her and in 3 days time I have a family for her and my contact with the Eagles.

Divine Appointments.. That's what this was...

Look for yours, expect them, and Glorify God when they happen...

This is just to cool...