August Mission Trip Pictures - Updated

Apparently the first blog post was missing the link to the pictures. Let's try this again.

I went online to view one of the pictures from my August trip and found I had never posted them. Not sure how I missed that one but I did and now I have added them for you to see.

I mentioned in a previous post all the great things our team (Logan, Kylie, Mattison, Steve, David and I) got to do while were were there but I'll give you a quick overview.

1. We gathered all the kids and took their updated pictures for Operation Education 2015. During that time we blessed them with new toys and candy of course. We also had a movie night with them and of course had icecream. (12 gallons of it)

2. We blessed the boys of the community with soccer shirts donated by Castanea Presbyterian Church. Kids from 5 to adults received them and loved them. Thanks Lisa..

3. We blessed the teen boys with cologne and sunglasses and all of them were excited to receive that because cologne there is very expensive and not something they would ever buy themselves.

4. We blessed the soccer team and baseball team with water bottles and new bats and balls.

5. We blessed the woman and teen girls with fingernail polish and head bands for their hair.

6. We blessed the 60 families with 20lbs of rice and 10lbs of beans. Enough food to last them over a month.

7. We had a great church service, many were prayed for and encouraged. At the end they song a birthday blessing song to me and all 150+ people gave me a hug. Here's a link to a video of it. The white stuff they are putting in my hair is talcum powder. It represents health and wisdom.


8. We visited the orphange and played with the kids. One of our team members blessed the orphanage director with a good study book by Andrew Wommack. He also blessed a young girl in the community with a new (very nice) bible.

9. At the end of the week we stopped by the ocean to see a glimpse of God's beauty. A sunset over the ocean.

It was a short trip because I had been there 8 days already but the time we had was powerful and many people were blessed. Thanks to all who blessed me on this trip so that I could be a blessing to others.

Here's the link to the pictures. (Some of them were not very good, sorry) If you sent a gift for your sponsored child there will be a picture of them receiving it.

* First email the link did not publish. Here it is again.


God Bless,