Are they 10 Suggestions or 10 Commandments?

Today in church our pastor preached on the 10 commandments. He said only 80% of Christians can tell you at least 5 of them. That's sad when considering they are the rules we are to live by.

It's not like it's 10 suggestions we're to live by, instead it's 10 COMMANDMENTS.. Rules we as Christians are to follow.

The 1st commandment states we will "have no other God's before me". What does "before me" mean? The Greek language says, "before me" means instead of me.

Do you serve any other "God"? Before you answer that consider this.

Are you giving God 100% of your life? Do you walk daily serving Him as if He was walking with you daily?

Let's be real. In today's world most of us watch things on tv or watch movies that have scenes in them that you know you would not watch if God was sitting in the chair beside you.. There are times we let words out of our mouths that would make God sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we don't all fall short of the glory of God. I'm just asking is it a routine in your life?  Is God the "God" you are serving or is the world that "God"?

So if Monday through Saturday we give God 90% and on Sunday's we give him 100% are we truly giving God what he deserves or is there an another God we are serving?

Is our work, our career that "God"  that Exodus is talking about? Let's face it we spend more time focused on our careers than we do focused on our relationship with God.

Is your family that "God"? Do you put them first before Him? Do you spend all your time focused on your husband's needs, wife's needs or kid's needs before we meet the simple needs of God?

How about your favorite hobby? Do you spend more playing golf or on Facebook than you do talking to God? The bible clearly tells where us that "where our treasure is there so will be where our heart is"? Matt 6:21

I heard a story about a man who always wanted to share his testimony before the church but was never asked. He waited and waited for the door to open and finally it did. Not only did this man want to share his testimony but he was in love with football. He never missed watching his team play. The night he was asked to speak was the night his team was playing for the Super Bowl. This man was torn between his love of the game and his desires to tell his story. How could he miss his favorite game and the big party he had planned? How could this be happening on the same night?

The night came and the man decided to share his testimony and over 50 people were led to the Lord. Just imagine, if he had made the other decision. Those 50 people would not be spending eternity in Heaven. Needless to say his priorities have now changed and football is a pleasure to enjoy but not a priority over God.

God is a jealous God. He created us so that he could have a realtionship with us. Not so that we could have a realtionship with him. Think about it, he does not need us to do anything for him. He created the heavens and the earth. There's nothing we can do to help him out but we can give him the relationship he deserves to have.

How can we change our actions? We can be more consumed by God than allowing the things of life to consume us.

What consumes your life? How are you impacting the Kingdom of God?

Do your part... Examine your walk with the Lord and ask Him what changes you need to make to bring you to that 100% mark.

Just something else for you and ME to think about..